Murkowski ads misleading, do nothing but alienate voters

Posted: Monday, July 12, 2004

After Sen. Lisa Murkowski's recent attack on Tony Knowles and his employment of ignorant "Outsiders," one would think that her cronies from down in Washington would ensure that they didn't make the kind of mistakes that only an "Outsider" would.

The television ad from Americans for Job Security that has recently started running is nothing but sheer lies. It is nothing short of misleading and manipulative. Alaska was a pillar of economic stability during Tony Knowles' two terms as governor, especially after Sept. 11, when the economies of almost every other state tanked.

I doubt that I'm speaking for myself when I say that I am really tired of these petty and unnecessary ads. Lisa, you may think you're being cute by claiming ignorance and powerlessness over these people, but you're really just alienating voters. Cut the bull and call off the dogs.

Bill Starnes


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