‘We the people’ want best deal

Posted: Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Before the Legislature approves the gas line contract, they should be looking at separating the oil tax issue from the gas line contract to see if the state can get a better deal on both of these issues. What about having an all Alaska gas line?

Suppose companies can offer a much better deal for the state with an all-Alaska gas line? If we use the ALCAN gas line, would we be competing with Canadian gas when sending the gas down the line to the Lower 48? What if gas goes through the line on space available, meaning Canadian gas goes first and taking the chances that only a small amount of Alaska gas gets through? The state will never know until the Legislature looks into these things.

Why is the gas line contract a closed bid contract? What if other companies would offer the state a better deal then what is on the table now?

By not pursuing all of these options,the state will never know what it might have gotten because the state did not asked. If the Legislature is going to make this very big decision that will affect all of us, as well as generations to come, shouldn’t all of these possibilities be looked at before making the final decision? If not, the Legislature will be making an uninformed decision.

The Legislature should look before it leaps to see what the best deal is for the state. As far as we know, the deal that is on the table now could be the worst deal and we would be excepting it. It is the responsibility of the Legislature to be informed on these issues before it locks us up on a deal or we the people will be seeing you at the polls.

Tabitha Nardini

Big Lake

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