Poet's Corner

"Our Cabin"

Posted: Thursday, July 12, 2007

This is the place where we can all act like boys.

Racing all day on our newest toys.

The work will get done and when dinner is through we can all sit and brag about who's beaten whom.

Out of the door, off the porch, standing near;

The children are ready and waiting to hear

That soon we'll be out to start the machine

So they too can race and brag and be.

And after their trip around and again with energy never ceasing they'll go again.

This is a place where quiet abounds but sometimes is broken by the far off sounds ...

Of some of those boys, or girls, racing around.

When weekends are over and the cabin is clean, we'll have one more snack not wanting to leave.

Always looking back as we ride away

At a place always changing though remaining the same;

New faces, old friends, known by face or by name.

This charred ground will hold close to our hearts the work that we beared,

And also all of the laughter we shared.

And under the same stars we saw every night

We'll rise from the ashes and lift up on this site,

Four walls to embrace us,

And then ...

We'll begin making new memories and old friends here again.

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