Reader: Enough already

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, July 13, 2007

Though touting the Kenai River as the greatest sportfishing river in the world, Kenai River Sportfishing Association is nevertheless heavyhearted. KRSA does not agree with current harvest methods — read "the gillnet industry" — and expects that the economic engine of sportfishing will have "serious implications for future resource allocation decisions" — read "more for us, less for them."

To advocate taking resource allocation away from "commercial" fishing to benefit "sportfishing" is disingenuous double-speak, plain and simple. What does KRSA imagine — that "commercial" fishermen hoard their fish? To take fish away from the gillnet industry is, above all, to take fish away from consumers who are not able or who choose not to catch their own fish.

Some anglers, resident and nonresident, see the Kenai as a gong show and choose to stay away.

Second, to take fish from the gillnet industry is to compromise the diversity of the area's economic base and compromise resource managers' ability to manage the resource for (maximum) sustained yield to the benefit of all Alaskans.

To take fish from the gillnet industry is, bottom line, to take fish from one group of consumers for the benefit of another group of consumers, all to the benefit of commercial sportfishing interests.

And as for the "economic engine" of Kenai River sportfishing, enough already. Someone needs to put a governor (no pun intended) on that motor.

John Nelson


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