Birch Ridge Report: Gigantic drivers deemed the ticket

Posted: Thursday, July 14, 2005

This Monday's Pro Am and Skins Game was once again an exciting and successful event here at Birch Ridge, thanks to Wells Fargo and the many volunteers that made it run like clockwork. The Birch Ridge Golf Association thanks all of you for your efforts.

And watching the Alaska pros drive that little ball down the fairways with consistent grace and ease was another mind-altering event. I did notice, however, that they all had those gigantic-headed drivers. You know the ones — they look like painted cantaloupes attached to the end of a swizzle stick.

I'm gonna get me one; then I'm going to try to find the tiniest golf ball made, just to max out the size differential. That hole-in-one will be all mine. Cheryl Hammarstrom got one last week. That makes seven for this golf season so far. No, not seven for Cheryl, silly.

Our Birch Ridge Cup Matches are going smoothly at the halfway point. For the men, The Red Division co-leaders are the teams of Jeff Hetrick and Marty Arnoldy, and Mo Redford and Gene Friendshuh. Blue Division teams are leading with Dave Keating and Steve Horn, followed by Phil Turkington and Jim McWilliams. I don't have all the names of leaders for the Women's Cup Matches, but I can tell you for a fact that the team of June Stuckey and Dear Friend are doing ... well, let's say we haven't missed a match. (Dear Friend's handicap was rather low when she started out the season; now with my advice and persistence, it's moving right up!)

Men's Night is made even better this year with pre-round food provided by new Chef Jess. Between the cuisine and the weather, these guys are out in droves. Last Wednesday's first-place team members were Bob Sizemore, Pat McElroy, Duane Tachick and Dan Murphy. Second placers were Josh Lansing, Scott Sundberg, Gary Effenbeck and Caleb Sizemore. Closest-to for No. 6 was John Davis; No. 8, Josh Lansing. Steve Tachick out-drove all others, while Mike Azzara had a pure birdie on No. 3.

Tuesday's Morning Ladies are out in full swing again. Longest putt on No. 3 was garnered by Jan Stenga; kudos to Pat Schmitz for lowest total putts (13).

Our Mighty Seniors must be dozing in the sun. Only five showed up this week for their morning foray onto the greens. First placer was Dave Johnsrud, who also won closest-to honors for No. 8. Chuck Obendorf had the longest successful putt on No. 5. What were you other three doing? You've got your tournament coming up, so get with it.

Yes, July 21 and 22 is the Peninsula Senior Amateur Tournament. Sign-up is now; call the pro shop for more details.

It's that time of day — see you on the front nine!

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