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Posted: Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Safety Page

RJ. Langston, Kenai

Most of us think we are in a good place,

Where there isn't DANGER on anyone's face.

But some kids don't have that, and they need to know.......

Who's good, and who's BAD, and a safe place to go.

One way to tell if a neighbor is nice,

Is if they don't EVER invite you inside.

NOT ALONE...a GOOD person would say:

"Just with your parents," that is the right way.

If someone asks you if you'd help them find,

A lost dog or cat, just keep THIS in mind........

If they lost a pet......if they REALLY did....

They could call the Police........YOU'RE JUST A KID!!!!!!!!!!!

No person who's good, would ask of a child,

To go in some woods that are bushy, and wild.

To look for a kitten or puppy who's roamed........

DON'T DO IT! RUN fast for your home!!!!!!!!!!

If you're in a store, here's what you should do........

Stay CLOSE to the people who are shopping with you.

Don't wander off somewhere on your own,

"Cause they can't protect you, when you are alone.

Don't EVER take candy, or toys, you know,

From strangers with smiles, who ask you to go.........


If they aren't related, and you don't know who they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One way to scare off a woman, or man,

Is to scream and scream out, as LOUD as you can.

They might seem nice, and might look nice too........

But remember your family who are looking for you.

Don't take chances with STRANGERS, your Mom doesn't know,

Or your Dad...and unless they said you could go.

If ANYBODY makes you feel scared............

Tell the Police, that's why they are there.

Tell your Mom, or your Dad, or a Teacher you trust,

And stay close to the GOOD people, that is a MUST!

Be happy, have fun....but be safe, little friend.....

So LIFE can be good, beginning, to end.

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