Fishery no free-for-all

Posted: Sunday, July 16, 2000

Personal-use dipnet fisheries are well under way on the Kenai and Kasilof rivers.

The fishery on the Kenai River will remain open until July 31, and on the Kasilof, until Aug. 10, unless closed by emergency order. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game advises dipnetters to be aware of the regulations for these areas.

n The area open to dipnetting on the Kasilof River runs from a marker located on the beach, approximately one mile north and south from the river's mouth, to another marker one mile upstream of the river's confluence with saltwater. In this area, fishing either from shore or a boat is allowed;

n In the Kenai River, dipnetting from shore is permitted in an area bounded by Fish and Game markers located on the beach, north and south of the mouth of the river up to the downstream edge of the Warren Ames Bridge, except on the north shore, where dipnetting is prohibited between a Fish and Game marker near the end of Main Street to the city dock;

n Dipnetting from boats is allowed on the Kenai River from the bridge to the marker located at the Kenai City Dock;

n All dipnetters must possess a valid sport fishing license and personal-use salmon permit. These permits allow 25 salmon annually for the head of household, with 10 additional fish allowed for each member of the household. Only one permit is allowed per household;

n All salmon must be marked by immediately removing both sides of the tail, and all fish must be recorded in ink on the permit;

n Guide boats may be used in the dipnet fishery below the Warren Ames Bridge;

n Dipnets may not exceed 5 feet across, and the mesh may be no larger than 4 1/2 inches;

n Dipnetters on the Kenai and Kasilof rivers should remember that these are environmentally sensitive areas and that the dunes and grasslands are home to nesting birds and other wildlife. Fish and Game requests that all users respect the environment and other fishers and remember to pack out any trash.

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