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Posted: Monday, July 16, 2001

New FBI director faces more work than glory

HEAD: What others say

Veteran federal prosecutor and administrator Robert Mueller will have his work cut out as the FBI's newest director. He will be expected to revive the status and polish the tarnished image of the federal government's premier law enforcement agency if the Senate confirms his appointment.

During recent years, increasing numbers of American citizens have had reason to grow disenchanted with the FBI's sometimes seemingly aimless direction and gaffes ranging from botched raids to embarrassments over production of documents to longtime spies in its midst.

Mueller's task will be difficult, but it is far from impossible. He will need a strong commitment to the rule of law, a sense of integrity that will not brook short cuts or ends over means, and an enduring expectation of the kind of qualitative work that once was a hallmark of the FBI's reputation. ...

In short, Mueller will find more work than glory in ramrodding the FBI. It is hoped that President Bush's confidence, and the nation's, in Mueller will not prove to be misplaced.

-- The Salt Lake Tribune

July 10

President needs Solomon's wisdom on stem-cell issue

The moral question of whether to spend

taxpayer dollars to finance stem cell research presents President Bush with a nasty choice.

Should the government underwrite medical research that kills fertilized human eggs now being stored in fertility clinics in order to extract such genetic material?

If Bush sticks to his opposition to such funding, he faces loud and rancorous condemnation by those who back cutting-edge research in battling lethal diseases, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. If the president relents, he betrays the absolute convictions of those who believe human life begins at conception.

... Religiously, ... the choice now hurtling toward Bush like a runaway train engine is more calamitous. How does he justify using tax dollars, which people must pay or go to prison, to finance the taking of life? ...

... This is the moral quandary now sitting on the president's desk. It requires a decision worthy of Solomon, a daring leap of faith.

This is not a tax cut, where you can divide the differences. This is one baby that will not be cut in half.

-- Tallahassee (Fla.) Democrat

July 9

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