Cooper Landing residents take pride in 'Pioneer Village'

Posted: Friday, July 16, 2004

Shanty town? I think not!

James Fitzgerald is entitled to his opinion (Letters to the Editor, July 8), but it not one that is widely held by those familiar with the small group of businesses that are working together to create a town center for Cooper Landing.

We feel that a nice place where folks can get off the highway and walk between businesses is a benefit and superior in look and feel to another strip of development along the highway. Placards honoring Cooper Landing pioneers dot the property and tell the interesting stories of these folks.

Perhaps by "pathetic shack," he is referring to the historic log cabin which was part of the original Cooper Landing townsite and now houses our visitor's center.

Or perhaps he is referring to one of the two custom-built buildings that house the tackle shop and clothing store for the folks from Gwins. Maybe he thinks the cute cabin that houses the Landing Latte an 8-year-old Cooper Landing business that provides several jobs and is a great thing for our town shouldn't be there.

Or could it be the original house and outbuilding that have been on the property since the 1950s are not up to his high standards? They now house one of the Kenai's oldest and most respected guide services and an art gallery that features the works of Cooper Landing's finest photographers and painters.

He surely can't be referring to the hand-scribed log cabins being built by Butch Reger of Ridgetop Construction can he? These are works of art and some of the finest custom log construction in the state.

I do agree wholeheartedly with part of his letter: "Want an espresso? Book a fishing trip? Want to buy a gift to show your friends that you have been in beautiful Alaska? This is the place."

We call it Pioneer Village. Come see for yourself.

George Heim, Cooper Landing

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