Soldotna not what it used to be

Posted: Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Have you driven down Sterling Highway lately? We have spent millions of your dollars to make it beautiful! Wrong!

I am ashamed at the city for not enforcing the ordinances on our businesses when it comes to the maintenance and landscape rules. Shame on you "Local Businesses" for not maintaining the easement in front of your buildings. There are more than I can write down who is not in compliance, but "YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE" and so does the public. The same goes to the city maintenance crews, I had to go to Farnsworth Park to set up a birthday party for my granddaughter, 3 hours later after sweeping, shoveling, and washing down the place, I was to tired and angry to go to city hall to complain. Where are the city workers and what are we paying them to maintain? City Council, please enforce the rules and watch to see that they are enforced. Is there not a fee for non compliance?

There should be! If you need someone to inspect and inform you of violators, I will volunteer my services for free. I have lived in Soldotna for 18 years and I remember how beautiful it used to be.

Diane Fielden


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