Times, politicians were tougher 40 years ago

Posted: Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I was born on a farm in Iowa in a prehistoric age of No Electricity, running water, TV, or money. The radio ran on a car battery which had to be taken to town and left to recharge, But we had one thing; That being a President and Congress who took our country seriously. I was 10 years old and unable to comprehend how a country like Japan could bomb and Kill hundreds of our servicemen and citizens without cause. We eventually had 2 flags flying in our front room window for brothers in the service as well as our neighbors. We had FDR, and a congress who reacted. Any one under 40 years of age probably do not know what FDR stands for but they took the unprecedented action of rounding up the people whose nation had caused the start of World War II. It may not have been necessary.

Today we are dealing with a group of Terrorists who have nothing to do with religion who want to destroy our country and our politicians are aiding and abetting them. FDR and "I" would put a bolt and lock on every Mosque in the country and round up every suspicious person of muslim faith. This is "not" racial profiling as they have said they are out to destroy us.

Our Congress is dead in the Water as they are all politicking to become President a year and a half down the road. The only thing they are after is the multi millions of dollars they will end up with after the election.

Close the Mexican border; After all a few retires and campers in motorhomes can shut down the border, Bring home our National Guard and station then in camps and use it as training stations. We are fighting in the desert anyway.

Paul D. Morrison


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