Kenai police kill nuisance bear

Posted: Tuesday, July 18, 2000

KENAI (AP) -- The Kenai Police Department was forced to kill a black bear at a house near Kenai Central High School last week after it made a nuisance of itself.

''This time of year, the force that drives or attracts bears is food,'' said Officer Dave Vroman. ''Food to some of these bears is unattended garbage cans, dog food on decks and porches, salmon smoke houses and suet ball bird feeders.''

The black bear he shot July 10 was attracted to the home by bird feeders and suet balls, Vroman said. ''This one was up on the deck doing the one-paw swing trying to get these balls down.''

Police chased the bear with firecrackers. But the bear returned later that evening and was shot.

Vroman said the bear, an adult male, was severely underweight and appeared to have been previously wounded. The bear had an injury on its left side that was in the process of healing.

''He was not your average bear,'' Vroman said. ''Most black bears would have run from me, but this one was not going to back off.''

Vroman got within 8-feet of the bear when it turned away from the bag of garbage it was eating and hissed at him.

''He jumped on the side of a tree and was slapping it and had his ears back,'' Vroman said. ''He was giving me serious warning that I was too close. That's when I shot him.''

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