Theft thins flamingo display

Posted: Tuesday, July 18, 2000

JUNEAU (AP) -- A thief made off with 10 flamingos that brighten the highway near Juneau, but the owner of the fake birds says it'll take more than a punk to keep the pink out of his yard.

Dave Ingram plans to have a new flock of the flamboyant lawn ornaments back in place in his lawn by Wednesday.

''It's an act of defiance,'' Ingram said. ''No punk, petty thief is going to keep me down.''

It wasn't the first time someone's stolen Ingram's flamingos, but it was the worst.

''I've had three stolen over the years, but never more than one at a time,'' Ingram said.

The legs of four of the lawn ornaments were still stuck in his yard after the weekend theft. Ingram said that makes him suspect the thief or thieves were in a hurry and were probably drunk.

There are birds in reserve. Ingram said he owns about 40 flamingos.

Police Lt. Walt Boman said the flamingo-nappers left little evidence.

''We have no clues or leads at this point,'' Boman said.

The value of the missing flamingos is about $65.

Ingram began arranging and rearranging flamingos in his yard for a bit of fun. A couple of years ago, a creative tenant took to arranging the birds with vigor, drawing compliments from passers-by and tour guides.

One flamingo, nicknamed ''Junior,'' was kidnapped in 1998. It was returned along with a scrapbook filled with pictures indicating it had served as a mascot during someone's European vacation.

Junior -- a hand-carved, short flamingo -- was spared from his flock-mates' fate. He flew to Central America recently with a honeymooning couple.

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