Posted: Wednesday, July 18, 2001

During a recent conversation with visitors from Wisconsin I was told, "I want to catch a Rainbow Trout." So I took my guest to a little Lake on the Skilak loop. I don't want to tell you my little hot spot for small Rainbows for fear you will have all your relatives and visitors fishing in my quiet little spot making it too noisy for this grumpy ol' fishermen.

I like to fish when it is quiet and not a whole lot of noise being made from my fellow man. Quiet relaxing fishing in a spot where you have an excellent chance of seeing a moose or a bear. Eagles often soar over head and the ducks play near the lily pads. Just the quiet little spot where you can be relaxing as you fish.

We carried in our boat and one canoe and after surviving a major attack by a mob of hungry mosquitoes we began fishing. My five children and I in our boat and this Wisconsin couple, Roger and Pat Lane in the canoe. I selected a couple of black flies, some jigs and various types of bait for them to try.

I'm no fly fisherman, so I always have to first the ask non-fly fishing question each time before I select a certain type fly to use. If I were a fish would I eat that? My first answer is always "Of course not, there is a hook in it." Then I have to decide if I think the bait would look like something a fish would want to eat.

The Rainbows were not real fussy that day and we caught fish on jigs, fly's, smelt, eggs, shrimp, and even small spinners. There was not any bait that I suggested that did not catch a fish! They just loved these little black flies that had just a few salmon eggs on them. These hungry fish made me look real intelligent to our out of state visitors that day.

These fish bit so good it made me think of another little fishing game we could play the next time we go there. Try and think of one thing the fish will not bite on! Try and spend at least a couple of hours on some lake and not catch one fish despite actively fishing. Imagine telling your fishing partners that you had a couple nice Rainbows follow in but you were able to scare them off by splashing at them with the oar! Use whatever method of fishing you can think of that is guaranteed not to catch a fish. The one who catches the least is the winner. However any one not actually fishing would be disqualified immediately by the noncatching fishing club of Alaska. Advantages in winning such a contest include not having many fish to clean when you get home and instead of having a meal of fresh fish you can eat at a fast food joint instead. You don't have to worry about catch and release, seldom have to bait up, and you can use as light as line as you want.

"Hey Joe, did I show you the new bait I made out of a flip top off a beer can? It is the best non-fish catching bait I have ever seen!" I'm sure to win this week's contest with this gem! Tip that thing with eggs or shrimp and just sit back and drink a few more cans of fish bait making material.

Try this new method of fishing, it is a whole lot more challenging or more difficult then you think. Try to fish most anything on our peninsula lakes and not catch a fish. Bet you can't do it. Once you put on a piece of shrimp or eggs you have almost made it impossible not to catch a fish.

Good Luck - See you next Week!

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