Jury finds man guilty of attempted murder

Posted: Friday, July 18, 2003

KETCHIKAN (AP) A Superior Court jury has found a man guilty of first-degree attempted murder.

William Marshall was on trial for trying to kill Gary Ward on March 14 near Thomas Basin. Marshall's high-powered rifle failed to fire three times because its safety was on, according to trial testimony.

Assistant District Attorney James Scott rested the state's case Tuesday afternoon. Dennis McCarty, Marshall's court-appointed defense attorney, did not call any witnesses. The jury came to its decision Wednesday.

Closing arguments centered on the question of whether Marshall intended to kill Ward. Scott said not only did Marshall aim the rifle at Ward's torso and pull the trigger three times, when it misfired he tried to club Ward on the head.

But McCarty argued that there was no clear evidence his client was intending to kill Ward.

Scott said Marshall tried to kill Ward because he tore his tobacco pouch.

Superior Court Judge Michael Thompson scheduled a sentencing hearing for Sept. 18.

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