Kasilof terminal fishery takes too many fish out of river

Posted: Monday, July 18, 2005

I am wondering how many people know that there are actually fishing boats in the Kasilof River set netting. I know the paper did an article on this, but I do not think people understand the breadth of this. You know all those big numbers of fish that were being quoted about the amount of fish coming by the sonars in the Kasilof River? For the first couple weeks of fishing in the river you couldn't hardly catch a red. I have a couple theories of why the numbers have been stated to be so high, but I will keep those to myself because I think the quarrel that seems always to have existed between commercial fisherman and sport fisherman is a useless waste of time. However, I will state that fishing with fish traps at the mouths of the river back a few decades ago was banned because — remember? — no fish were getting up the rivers.

It is happening now. Anyone who fishes religiously like me has noticed that all these high sonar numbers we are hearing about are not adding up.

The red fishing has been slow to terrible on the Kenai and not too hot on the Kasilof. If we were talking about any other species of salmon, I would say the hot weather was a factor for them not biting. But as everyone who red fishes knows, red fishing is actually the fine and enjoyable art of snagging a fish in the mouth. I hope that people will start taking this seriously and make an issue of it.

I would say it is one fish management faux pas amongst many fish management successes in our state. I think our Department of Fish and Game does a wonderful job of managing our fisheries and keeping them fair. Subsistence is a wonderful lifestyle. Dip netting, and setting a set net from shore into the ocean is a wonderful way to catch fish for the season.

Changes need to be made in this case. Good luck fishing to all and have a great summer.

Jason Jackinsky, Soldotna

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