Posted: Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I am not a fishing or hunting guide nor is it very likely that I will ever become one. But yet I seem to inherit plenty of different fishing partners each year here and in a lot of cases they are people I never met before. I have never charged anyone a dime to go fishing with me either as in most cases I would be out there anyway.

In most cases I generally provide the lunch too as generally I end up with a boat full of kids, in my boat and a hungry kid is an unhappy kid. No one wants to be out on the Lake fishing with a grumpy kid. It only takes one grumpy person to ruin a day of fishing for the rest of the crew.

Another thing that can ruin a day of fishing especially here in Alaska is bad weather or simply one person not bringing along warm enough clothes. The sun can go under the clouds in a hurry or it might start to rain or simply the wind start blowing and soon your cold. A cold kid also falls under the grumpy kid category in most cases. If your going out on lakes in Alaska you want to dress warm, you can always remove your jacket but you can’t put it on if it isn’t along.

I inherited a family from Loveland Colorado last week as fishing partners, Lisa Krizman and her children Sierra and Ty. These people were relatives of my old fishing partner Ted Knight who passed away last April. I have one word to describe what it was like fishing with this family, wow! Two very pretty girls and a very determined young man who not only fished very hard but was very good at fishing too. We battled very windy conditions for two days but this family not only was very pleasant to be around but stayed at it and fished hard both days. They can fish with me anytime.

I hate to become too bossy when we are out fishing and if the people fishing with are catching fish using whatever method they chose I might not say a word. However if they are struggling a little while others are catching fish then I might offer them a word or two to help them out as no one wants to sit there all day and not catch fish.

As I think back through the years of all the different kids I have fished with I can’t help but wonder how many of them used fishing as their main source of recreation instead of resorting to more harmful ones. Any time you take a kid out fishing you are reducing the chances for these kids to be doing things that might get them in trouble. Any kid left free to roam the streets are also good candidates to get into mischief. Mine are including in that situation. Unsupervised children in many cases lead to kids getting in trouble. Keeping kids off the streets or away from the TV or computer and doing things like fishing or other outdoor activities is good safe fun and something that is only fun but very productive.

If you know of a kid or too that would like to get out fishing, give me a call and they can tag along with me some day. I enjoy doing what I can to see that kids get a chance to get out and enjoy the Alaska outdoors.

Each year I got a lot of request from people in the lower 48 for me to take them out hunting. In most cases people simply do not understand how hunting is here making it impossible for me to do what they ask. Many think you can simply drive to some magical spot and get out and shoot moose, bear, sheep, and goats all from the same valley or mountainside. You might even find a musk ox there too if you’re lucky.

I have had several request from Mexican people to take them out bear hunting in the past couple years but I reminded all of them I am not a guide. Hunting in Alaska is pretty much restricted to August and September and I hardly have enough time to get myself out hunting let alone give up my hunting time to take out other people. Not only that many of our people from the lower 48 have no idea just how difficult hunting is up here and are not physically prepared for it.

Climbing some mountain when you’re both elderly and in poor health can be a very serious ordeal. It takes getting in shape and preparing yourself before you start such an adventure. Trying to carry a 50 Lb. Pack up a mountain is a work out for anyone and not something you should just assume you could do.

My neighbors have been giving me daily fishing reports about the red numbers in both the Kasilof River and the Kenai. With dip netting open why am I sitting here writing to you people? The freezer is almost empty and the reds are coming in See you next week!

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