Gun owner supports Begich

Posted: Friday, July 18, 2008

On July 2, Mark Begich (candidate for U.S. Senate) unveiled his plan for protecting and restoring honor to this country's civil liberties. Included is his unwavering support for the Second Amendment. In this spirit, Mayor Begich has launched Gun Owners For Begich.

As a fourth-generation Democrat, a "classical liberal," and an Alaska Native, I am a dogged supporter of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in their unadulterated and carefully amended forms. In a similar fashion, I doggedly support Mark Begich's candidacy for U.S. Senate and his initiative to protect Alaskan and American Civil Liberties, most notably the Second Amendment.

Gun Owners For Begich believe, above all things, in the awesome responsibility and right (rather, guaranteed privilege) of "responsible gun ownership." We encourage all Alaskans to come on board and check out the "Begich Plan" at (Democrat, Republic, Libertarian, or Independent) and see how Mayor Mark Begich intends to protect and restore the rights of the people.

Mark Begich (like myself) is not of the typical Democratic archetype. I am proud to support him. Change in the party, and change in the Senate, and the nation cannot happen without truly eclectic people like Mayor Begich.

Indeed, it is the very aim of this campaign to appeal across party lines, to unify all Alaskans on these most fundamental issues. He goes beyond the rhetoric, he gets the results, he is for Alaska Natives, he is for the Second Amendment; Mark Begich is the change we have been praying for in the United States Senate.

All he needs is you, because he already has me.

Brett A. Encelewski


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