Saturday, July 18, 2009

City may have a whopper of a fish tale to tell
If early returns are an indication, the city of Kenai should have a fish story of its own to tell by the end of the dipnet fishery this year.

Angler sets monster king free: 58-inch Kenai River hawg estimated to weigh in at 90 pounds
Joel Atchison will have quite a tale to tell when he gets back home, but instead of being about the one that got away, he'll be able to tell friends about the Kenai River hawg he let go on Wednesday.

An idea to improve U.S. border security
The volume of money and arms traveling across our southern border has become a national security issue for both the U.S. and Mexico. Our Border Patrol is challenged to the breaking point fiscally and personel-wise. Since it is a security issue and impacts the bottum line of our economy at its most vulnerable point something must be done. George Washington said it best: "A well armed Militia being neccessary to secure safety of a free State."

Reader offers thoughts on faith
We are not all God's Children as many people believe. God created eyeryone Through Adam and Eve. However, the Bible says, "God is only The Father of Those people who by Faith believe in His Son Jesus Christ as Their Savior and Lord." Christians also believe that all of our sins, past, present and future are forgiven because of the blood that Jesus shed when he was crucified. Christians also believe that Jesus is the only way anyone can make it to heaven.

Needed: F-35 fighter aircraft production
Today, there is a desperate need of production and commission of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft, but it's being delayed while some in Congress fight to get funding for a backup engine that experts at the Pentagon and aircraft design say is completely unnecessary because of the availability of the proven and highly effective F135 engine. President Obama and Secretary Gates agree.

Service on borough road board appreciated
I think it is important for people to be acknowledged for public service they do. I saw a notice in the Clarion for three Road Service Area positions that will soon be filled. It brought to mind a recent conversation I had with Mike Peek. I learned during this conversation, that K.P.B. Administration, and R.S.A. staff had never thanked Mike for his years of public service after he resigned earlier this year. That is a sad state of affairs. Whether you agree or disagree with any of the things Mike did as a Road Service Area Board member, he should still be thanked for his years of service. So from a private citizen of the borough, Thanks Mike for volunteering your time to work for the people of the borough.

Term limit measure under fire from assembly
Assembly President Milli Martin's letter to the editor of July 10 conveniently lacks important information. Here is the rest of the story.

Kenai OKs rezone vote funds
The city of Kenai decided Wednesday to appropriate $15,000 of taxpayers' money to pay for a public information campaign concerning a vote on a taxpayers' referendum.

Space cadets
Shannon McClure, Seth Ganley, Hannah Gershel and Dominik Efta watch Thursday as a Coast Guard HH-65C helicopter approaches for a landing in the parking lot at the Challenger Learning Center of Alaska.

Shanta Creek fire now 13,151 acres
Fire crews continue their efforts to steer the Shantatalik Creek fire away from Funny River and Kasilof, mopping up hot spots along contingency firelines cleared between the blaze and populated areas. The fire has been mapped at 13,151 acres and is burning in a limited suppression area on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

Library hosts talent show
Those wanting more drama in their lives may want to stop by the Soldotna Public Library on Saturday for the Community Talent Showcase.

Monarch salvage continues: Divers work in Cook Inlet's extreme conditions
Imagine your house is flipped on its side, then being blindfolded and asked to find the bathroom. Put the house 60 feet underwater, and that's exactly what salvage divers face every day as they conduct fuel removal operations on the M/V Monarch, which sank in Cook Inlet on January 15.

Wildland fire crews deserve our thanks
As the Shantatalik Creek fire continues to burn on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, we'd like to take a moment to thank the fire management officials and the crews on the fireline for all their hard work in ensuring the blaze remains productive and not destructive.

Shantatalik Creek fire bodes well for peninsula wildlife
It's fire time once again on the Kenai. There is smoke in the air and the sound of whirring helicopters. The Shantatalik Creek fire has burned approximately 14,000 acres since starting from a lightning strike on June 29.

Nice day for a ride
Beverly Agler rides her bike along the airport dike trail past fireweed in full bloom Monday in Juneau.

Fish with a Latin twist
Now is the best time to make ceviche -- pronounced suh-vee-chay -- because summer is prime time for fish, tomatoes and sweet onions, the main ingredients in this Latin American dish.

Around the Peninsula

Garage sale fundraiser Saturday

Church Briefs

VBS begins Monday

Sterling churchgoers bear testimony to miracles
Amazing events recently took place.

Oilers' bats stay silent in loss
Peninsula Oilers starting pitchers are routinely turning in valiant performances, evidenced once again on Thursday night.

Sports Briefs

Volleyball camps on tap for August

Touneys fill up the Bird
Hello once again from Bird Homestead Golf Course, located 11.8 miles out Funny River Road. The phone number you can reach us at is 260-GOLF.

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