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Posted: Thursday, July 19, 2001





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The Promise

by Kima Malik Hamilton

I was worried sick I had both of my hands on my head

I was talking to God, I know he is hearing every word that is said

They?ve got ?Foot? laying here

And they?re telling me that he?s gonna be dead

He?s got these tubes in him, and this is how he?s gonna be fed

The nurse is running back and forth she?s about to wear a hole in those Keds

The s?- they?re giving him is really going straight to his head

When he opens up his eyes all I see is red

Your point is proven Lord

I see who is in charge

You are the boss

Some days I sit and meditate on all the things that I?ve lost

And still losing

Your precious temple I?ve been abusing

I beg for your forgiveness Lord, I just got confused when

I got out in this world running ramped with my few friends

I found out the hard way those crabs really weren?t true friends

Lord, if you spare him, I?ll tell what I?ll do then

I dedicate my life to being one of your true men

I?ll start a revolution

I?ll die ending mind pollution

This is my mission, I accept, there?s no rebuking

From the heavens I heard a voice that said to me ...

Well Kima, Let me warn you

There?s going to be people trying to harm you

Everyone that is smiling is not your friend

Some will scorn you

You will be crucified

But that is no reason for you to hide the man that I have made

Stand 6 foot 3 and unbreakable

Anything you want to do in this life your capable

If it make sense, it?ll pay rent

Why even worry?

It?ll happen all in due time

Why even worry?

The road ahead is both clear and blurry

As for Foot he?ll walk, he?ll talk, You?ll see

You just don?t forget this promise to me

And later that night ...

About 3:33 in the a.m.

Been done praying for about an hour

My head?s a leaning tower on my hand

I?ve read about the power of this man

So I know that any second, a miracle is bound to happen

I caught myself napping

So I stood up, stretched and started smacking

On some Now and Laters or a Chico Stick

I forget

Because at that very second our eyes met

I knew that he would be fine

I saw that it would take time for him to regain use of his body, but his mind

Remained unharmed

And from that second I have lived for the cause

So when you see me communicating through street jargon

Understand I am only holding up my end of the bargain.

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