Americans for Job Security won't convince Alaskans

Posted: Monday, July 19, 2004

Looks like the Murkowskis' friends from Washington are back again.

Americans for Job Security (we'll get back to their name in a minute) is back after spending a truckload of money lying about Fran Ulmer. They've turned their sights on Tony Knowles, all the way from D.C.

They didn't get it last time and they don't get it now. Does anyone really believe things are better now than they were under Knowles? Does anyone think the Murkowskis are doing a better job running our state?

Don't believe their big-city hype, get the facts.

And let's talk about their name for a minute Americans for Job Security. Whose job security exactly? Certainly not mine. Maybe for the Murkowskis, but not for any working Alaskans that I know.

Tell both Murkowskis that their D.C. friends have worn out their welcome here.

Ken Klein, Kenai

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