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Kenai Golf Report

Posted: Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What a great week this has been — on vacation, visiting with friends, playing lots of golf — I love my life!

Some friends from California, Bob and Peggy Fischer, are visiting, and while Bob spends 23.5 hours on the river fishing, my better half and I get to play tour guide to Peggy. Did I tell you that I love my life?

This is one of those times that I am reminded how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful place. We played golf in Palmer and Wasilla, and Kenai, too, of course; Peggy was wowed by the scenery, although she laughed when I complained about the traffic on the Glenn Highway. Since she hails from San Jose, I guess she would. We shopped and walked all over downtown Anchorage, hit the Saturday market, enjoyed the salmon sculptures, music in town square on Friday night, and just barely scratched the surface. There was so much we wanted to do but couldn’t as my better half was threatening to cancel my credit cards and we had to return to Kenai.

In Kenai, we took the boat out and got blown off Skilak Lake and saw a black bear sow and cub in the Hidden Lake Campground parking lot. We are certain that the little black dot behind the sign in the picture Peggy took is the mama bear. By the way, did I tell you that I love my life?

A birdie told me ... shot of the week goes to Jerry Norris for his hole in one on No. 10. Wow, congratulations Jerry — I’d be happy just to hit the green! Another great shot was the eagle on No. 8 made by Dick Hoelzel, who was visiting our beautiful course and fair state from Florida. This amazing accomplishment was witnessed by his playing partners Paul Frederickson, Joy Candee and Randy Haines.

General Manager’s Report

Warm weather and sunny conditions have brought many improvements to the Kenai Golf Course. The fairways and tee boxes continue to fill in. The greens are really rolling smooth. During the past week, we have thatched and top dressed all greens and cut them down another notch. They will go down yet another notch next week and remain at that height for the remainder of the season. You will notice that No. 16 has been extended yet again this week and that process is now complete. We will plug and top dress the new area next week. I am excited about this project and look forward to all the new pin placements we will have before the season is over.

Ladies, all the benches have been put together and holes have been dug. New benches will be on your tee boxes in the near future. Be sure to check out the tee box on No. 13 — it is almost finished and will soon be in play. We just need to place the sod on the tee box and it should be ready to go. The holes have also been dug for the new ball washers and they will also be installed soon; the water boxes are almost complete.

Work is continuing on removing all of the beetle-kill spruce on the course. Since the process will continue throughout the year, brush piles will abound in the rough. If you get in one of these piles, they are marked with red tape and you get a free drop. Your best course of action is to stay out of the woods! (Oh, really? I only wish I could!)

I want to thank Danny Pate for all his hard work on the watering crew this year. Danny will be leaving us for the Lower 48, a new school and new work experiences. Thank you, Danny, for a job well done. We will miss you.

I would like to invite everyone to participate in Men’s Night this Thursday. It is BIG THURSDAY, so come and enjoy the fun and competition. I would like to thank Barry Jackman for organizing and running Men’s Night. He has done an outstanding job.

You will note that we have lowered the height of our fairways a notch. We purchased a new roller for the fairway mower so you will be getting a lot more roll on your ball — that is a good thing!

I would also like to thank Shelley Ramsey for her hard work and dedication to the Kenai Golf Course. She does an outstanding job with the article every week. Thank you, Shelley, for a job well done.

Again, I would like to invite everyone out to our beautiful course. It is in really excellent condition and while you are there be sure to come by the Club House and talk with me. See you on the course!

— Gordon Griffin

The Kenai Cup matches were held on July 12. Winners of their matches were: Fore!!!; Hook & Slice; Cliff Squared; R&R; Bill & Buzz Duffers; and Mulligans. Big Guys and Toads, and Eagles and Two Duffers, tied their matches. Standings are now: in the Butch Anderson Division, R&R in first place with Mulligans in second; in the Donny Morgan Division, first place is held by Two Duffers with Bill & Buzz Duffers in second; and in the 19th Hole Division, Hook & Slice are in first with Princely Pair and B&B tied for second.

A rowdy group gathered for Men’s Night on Thursday. The first-place team of Barry Jackman, Keith Stasek, Joe Bryant and Bill Davis came in with 3-under while the second-place team of Alan Wooten, Sean O’Reilly and Dwight Kramer followed with 1-under. Barry Jackman was closest to the pin on No. 5 while Adam Ewert was closest to the pin on No. 9.

The Butch Anderson Senior Open was held on Saturday and Sunday. About 23 golfers came out to show their stuff in the two-day championship tournament. The low gross champion, which probably comes as no surprise, was Billy Applewhite, who carded a two-day score of 169 gross and 145 net. The First Flight standings were: Eddie Sibolboro in first place net, Doug Haralson in second, and Jesse Wade in third. In first place net in the second flight was Andy Anderson, second place was won by Alvin Glidden, and third by Dana Bassel. Well done to all the golfers who participated in the tournament and congratulations to Billy, Eddie, Doug, Jesse, Andy, Alvin and Dana.

I can’t believe that my vacation is half over and July is better than half over because this means the golfing season is, too!

Well, gotta run — have to head to Homer. Our mission today (should we choose to accept it) is to hold down some bar stools in the Salty Dawg until my better half and his fishing buddy, Bob, return from their pursuit of those wiley halibut! It’s a tough job but you know that someone has to do it.

Get out there and get golfing. See you on the course!

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