Bike rider doesn't understand distress

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, July 20, 2007

I, like many of you, frequently use the bike trail along Kalifornsky Beach and the Spur Highway. This trail has been a wonderful addition to our communities.

For those of you who don't bike or otherwise use the trail, please understand that this "bike trail" is really a multi-use trail.

Users include walkers, walkers with dogs, walkers with strollers, joggers, roller bladders, roller-skiers, families with young children walking and on bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, hand cycles and anyone else I have left out.

All of these users, as well as the vehicles crossing the trail when approaching the highway and forgetting to yield to traffic on the trail, plus rocks and gravel deposited on the trail from vehicles, and from ATVs using the trail illegally create many potential hazards for a road bike traveling 20 mph.

At certain times and in certain areas I choose to ride legally and hopefully safely on the shoulder of the road. The vast majority of vehicles that pass do so safely and without incident, and I thank all of you for that.

To those few of you who have to motion to me or yell out your window, I don't understand how my presence has caused you so much distress. Maybe I have slowed your progress by a few seconds, or you just don't like people that ride bicycles.

I am not exactly sure what your problem is, but my advice to you is to keep your window up, your mouth shut and get over it.

Steve Milliron


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