Fishing gets slow, tourists go golfing

Bird Homestead Golf Report

Posted: Friday, July 21, 2006

In my childhood, I played on the Flint Michigan Junior League. We had to get up at the crack of dawn on the weekends to get our rounds in prior to the “real” golfers arriving at the courses. I recall soggy feet and rooster tails on the putting greens.

One weekend there were some horribly slow golfers in front of my group, so I proceeded to pitch the shoes and socks and wade into the pond to collect up some tadpoles, taking them proudly home to my mother. One of the coordinators of the junior league told my mother about my escapade, who in turn, mentioned it to a local reporter friend. The next day’s Flint Journal ran an article titled, “Golf gets slow, Heidi goes fishing.”

Well, 30 some years later, I’m the one writing the article and the headline is: “Fishing gets slow, tourists go golfing!” Welcome to Friday’s Bird Homestead Golf Report.

We had a great week and loads of golfers who couldn’t hit the fish, so they hit the links.

The course was packed with folks from all over the Lower 48 enjoying some of the nicest weather we’ve had all summer. Roy Bird received in a new boatload of top-notch Taylor Made clubs for sale including the R-7. Geez, these guys are going to be just banging them out there.

Rich Lundahl has been out at the course giving lessons all week as well as running his junior clinic. I again encourage folks to get yourself and upcoming youngsters out for a lesson or clinic with Rich. He’s a great instructor, but he just had all those kids mesmerized. Even our own Royce Bird got herself in on learning from Rich. From the deck, I could see where she was when she began and how well she was shooting by the end of her lesson. Take advantage of him folks; we’re very lucky to have Rich among us. Contact us at the course at 260-GOLF (4653).

Rich gave Russ Thomas his first lesson of the season. Russ said he learned immensely from Rich and was going to continue with his lessons. He hit a large bucket of balls afterwards, and then headed out with our summer helper (and my tournament spy) Mike Reimann only to hop out of one of the carts before it stopped completely, twisting his leg. He called me the next day to report he was doing better and had no fracture. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Russ, you big giant dummy! The rules state: Don’t get out until the ride comes to a complete stop!

Needless to say, Russ missed Tuesday’s men’s night, but we had a fabulous time of it without him. Sorry Russ! (grin) Paul Zimmerman called me up early Tuesday to make sure what time he had to be at the course after missing two weeks. He advised he had nongolfing relatives visiting. The nerve!

He came rolling in and left taking first place with teammates Dave Medley and Mark Hordemann at 4 under. Best score yet this season, congratulations guys. Longest drive was taken by Roy Bird on No. 4 and Jeff Gillman took the pot on the eighth for closest to the pin. The sixth will, yet again, roll over until next week. Dick Galloway and Dave Kimura are eyeing that one in a big way. A huge thank you to Dave Kimura for bringing me some daisies out of his garden to transplant at my house and bringing Russ Thomas a book to keep him occupied while he’s recovering. What a great guy.

OK, we are hosting a nine-hole tournament to kick off the fun-loving Funny River Festival! Come on out and spend an afternoon with us! Everyone is welcome! On July 28, golfers will be shooting it out in a scramble format at Bird Homestead. Registration is $35 with Isom’s Famous Funny River Burgers to follow golf. Thank you Bill, Kathy, Keith and Kathy.

Registration ends at 12:30 p.m. with a 1 p.m. shotgun start. What better way to spend an afternoon getting to know the folks who live down Funny River as well as some GREAT golfing at a course that will provide you with some significant challenges! Dick and Rose Marie Galloway have headed up this tournament and festival for several years now and each time it has been a complete success and just a true delight. I have a big soft spot for Dick and Rose Marie, they make me smile. We’ll have a parade, we’ll have food, most of all we’ll have golf! We got no fish, but we got GOLF!

Trivia time! Our very best and a free sleeve of balls to Tom Boedecker for knowing that rules regulate golfers to 14 clubs in their bag. Fun Fact: you can not change out those clubs during one course of play with the exception of club breakage.

Today’s trivia: In honor of the British Open (Go Phil!), what is the true designation of a Links Course? A) Treeless course; B) Seaside sandy course; C) Course designed after a course in Scotland; D) Course with pothole hazards.

My very best to you all. Until next week may your match plays be dormie. (Don’t know what that means? Come to the course and ask!) Take care all, tight lines and long drives.

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