Painting the perfect tan

Posted: Tuesday, July 22, 2003

All those well tanned healthy looking Alaskans may not have gotten that look from fishing or playing golf during the unusually sunny weather this summer, nor from a tanning bed. They may have discovered the new Paint Me Perfect salon at the "Y" in Soldotna, where no sun or ultraviolet tanning beds are required to bronze your skin.

According to entrepreneur Kimberly Rusk, the new system airbrushes your body with a perfect tan, "The product contains a sugar cane based FDA approved substance called DHA which dyes the outer layer of your skin a nice golden brown," says Rusk. She uses an airbrush system to evenly apply the product to clients of all ages, "There are absolutely no side effects or dangers like with UV rays from the sun, it's very safe for young or old, and the whole idea of the airbrush is to apply the product evenly," said Rusk. The product has no coloring effect on clothes or hair, and lasts about seven to ten days, "It all depends on the person and their skin type and how the skin absorbs the product, and also how well you take care to keep the skin moist, the more you moisturize the skin the longer it lasts," added Rusk.

The DHA product does not offer any protection from the sun and according to Rusk you can tan or sun burn right though the product, but sunscreens are compatible. The new tanning system is becoming popular for Alaskans and tourists on the run with weddings, proms, special dates, appointments or vacations coming up and want the appearance of living a life of leisure. For more information about "Instant, Ageless Body Bronzing," as the system is called, contact Kimberly at Paint Me Perfect for an appointment, 262-5911, or 398-1860.

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