Journalist's murderer shows not slightest bit of remorse

Posted: Tuesday, July 23, 2002

On the death sentence of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh for the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl:

The most chilling parts of the court proceedings (July 15) were the comments by Saeed, the 28-year-old British Asian with a history of involvement in radical Islamic movements.

There was not a trace of repentance for the wanton killing of another human being. Instead, we heard only the expression of a violent, intolerant fanaticism that is completely at odds with the modern world.

It is ironic that the man who uttered these chilling threats was not born and raised in an intolerant theocratic state but in modern Britain, one of the world's most open, tolerant and pluralistic societies.

So what sparked this anger against all that is not Islamic in an intelligent, well-educated person? ... For the flames of religious fanaticism to be doused, it is important to try and understand the underlying causes that fuel this hatred.

-- South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

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