Thinking ahead ... not

Posted: Friday, July 23, 2010

When the Department of Fish and Game imposed its king salmon closure last month, we gritted our teeth and took it, because we all know that the alternative -- fishing out a low run -- simply doesn't make sense for the long term.

But . . .

When you tell customers, in this case sport fishermen from outside the region, that your business is closed for a whole month, you can bet those customers are not going to bother checking back. You say you're closed, fine. See you next year -- maybe.

That's happened to local businesses last month that depend on anglers coming for the kings.

Even though Fish and Game slowly began to open the river far ahead of the month-long closure decree, the damage was already done. Bookings had already been cancelled. Customers for those valuable weeks were lost.

In the past, river closures carried the caveat: "Until further notice." Why not now? Why slam the door, hang the "Closed" sign and chase off customers when what you really want to do is be open for business as soon as stock arrives?

In short: Biologists, obviously, don't think like business owners. But it wouldn't hurt if they did think like business owners at least a little.

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