Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2001

I have been blessed this summer with a lot of visitors and have had a very enjoyable time with all of them. Each guest brings a little different personality and excitement to our busy summer life. The many everyday things we take for granted here provide great excitement for our out of state visitors.

I had an uncle of mine here by the name of Dean Von Haden and his wife Joy. They also brought along Jim and Judy Susedik all from Wisconsin. The many everyday things like dip netting Salmon is of great interest to them even if they can only watch.

I have always said if Wisconsin had a program like dip netting and the fish you could net had a food value of $1000.00 the Wisconsin DNR would want $1500.00 for the permit to do it!

Steve Dambacher and I took Dean and Jim fishing Halibut at Deep Creek where we caught a limit. Dean also caught a beautiful Irish Lord, if there is such a thing as a beautiful Irish Lord!

We then went dip-netting Reds in the Kenai River but found the Reds a little slow that day. We caught at least 50 flounder and I took home 24 of the bigger ones to eat. We were having a good time despite the constant rain. I was becoming the flounder catching king as I had four flounder in my dip net on a couple of occasions. Steve managed to catch a red and missed another one as the fishing was beginning to pick up a little. I was constantly catching flounder but couldn't seem to get a red anywhere near black net. I really think the reds can see the webbing of a black net. I did much better fishing from shore with a green meshed gill net in my dip net.

Steve suddenly spun around by the force of a huge fish in his net! He began lifting his net only to have both arms of the net off ! Remembering the same thing happening to me about three years ago I screamed "Grab the webbing!" I threw my net down and ran to the other side of the boat and grabbed the webbing of the net and helped Steve pull the fish in. It was a King Salmon that weighed a little over 60 Lbs..

This fish was not tired and full of energy and determined not to cooperate with us or be controlled in any dip net. If it meant he had to give us all a beating before continuing up the river he was willing to go that route too. By the time we got him in the boat he was already half way through the net. We got him on the floor but in one huge flop he was about four feet in the air and determined not to let this little obstacle stand between him and spawning.

He had his head and about a foot of hid body over the side of the boat before we once again drug him back in. Jim, Steve and I all jumped on him and once again he somehow shot straight in the air between us and was once again heading for the river before we wrestled him down. Somehow during the whole ordeal I ended up with a badly sprained right hand that occurred sometime during the wrestling match. Either I jammed my hand or Steve clubbed it trying to subdue the fish or someone stepped on it. You will never believe the power these fish have once you pull them from the water fresh.

Hunting tags are out this year and Steve and I were lucky enough to each draw a Kodiak Island Brown bear tag for north of Karluk River! We are really looking forward to wrestling with something a little more challenging than a fish...

See You Next Week!

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