Study shows salmon gaining in popularity

Posted: Wednesday, July 24, 2002

A recent seafood study shows salmon is gaining popularity in the United States. Americans ate a record two pounds per person in 2000, and farmed salmon is quickly becoming the major source. Among the findings of the study:

71percent of fine dining and 42 percent of casual restaurants regularly have salmon on the menu.

In 20 years, farmed salmon has grown from 1 percent of the world's supply of salmon to more than 50 percent.

59 percent of consumers report that they eat salmon.

But consumers and chefs also report concern for salmon farming's impact on the environment:

72 percent of salmon eaters say they would give up or greatly reduce consumption of farmed salmon if they learned it was farmed in a way that harms the ocean environment or other species.

51 percent of chefs agree with the public and say they would stop selling or cut back on the use of farmed salmon.

Information courtesy of Afishianado, a quarterly publication of the Seafood Choices Alliance.

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