Term limits not the answer

Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'd like to respond to those who seek to establish term limits for certain positions within the borough assembly, staff and school district. Forcing term limits can have serious repercussions. We live in a community filled with people who love to sign petitions and make complaints on the radio and in the papers, but unfortunately, a lot of those are the same people who stay home on Election Day.

There is already an established method of putting different people into elected positions; it is called an election. If you don t like the job that someone is doing, you vote them out. Forcing someone out of office by putting a timer on his or her head is destructive. You create lame ducks and have the potential to force people out of a public position who are doing a great job.

Also, our community isn't very big, and the number of people qualified and interested in public elected positions is slim. By forcing term limits, you're creating an environment in which a candidate has to be chosen, not because they're the best person for the job, but because there just weren't any other candidates to vote for.

The answer isn't term limits. The answer is becoming educated on the issues and candidates and voting for who you think is going to best live up to the responsibilities of the job.

Remember, being an activist is fine and respectable, but don't forget to keep your head about the things you do and say and always do what you feel is in the best interests for your community. When things are taken to a personal level, emotions run rampant and logic becomes skewed.

Ryan Marquis


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