Quit it and get back to work

Posted: Friday, July 24, 2009

Where does the line between campaigning and sedition begin? Years ago I heard a speech on the radio. It was John McCain, speaking in Arizona, urging the people to rise up against then President Clinton for his alleged grievous crimes. I thought, hey, I think there's a word for that, sedition, and I think it's one of those high crimes like treason.

I looked it up. That was it alright, and no one, left, right, or in the middle, said a word about it. Now, that's all we hear. Our duly elected President Obama is the new target for this seditious blather.

If you guys don't like how he's doing things, then give us your good ideas. After all, isn't that what we elected you for, to represent the people, all the people? By constantly picking our president apart you are not doing your jobs and you are hurting our country.

So quit it. Get to work. The campaign is over for now. We need guidance, inspiration, honesty and hard work. Sitting by the fire, fanning the flames of sedition is not the job we're paying you for.

Linda Wright


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