Heavy rain drenches Ketchikan

Posted: Tuesday, July 25, 2000

KETCHIKAN (AP) -- Heavy rain this week had Ketchikan residents sloshing through foot-deep flood waters and erecting temporary dams to keep their houses dry.

Nearly 4.5 inches of rain fell between midnight and 5 p.m., Monday causing flood water about a foot deep in some areas.

''It was rushing so fast that I, as a full grown adult, would not dare step in it,'' said Tommy Nebl. ''The water was overflowing both sides of the culvert and we were very worried that the footings of the house would be destroyed.''

City workers stopped the flow on city streets by removing debris from storm drains, Nebl said.

Roxann and Jim Byron had to construct a quick dam to divert water from an overflowing creek would have flooded an outbuilding near the house. They blamed the flooding on a nearby construction site.

''I played all over these hills as a kid and that creek never ran that way,'' Jim Byron, 48, said.

Engineers have cleaned out a section of the hillside that formerly acted as a bowl that slowed and distributed water in a different manner, he said.

Floors in a small office and shop behind the Byron house were soaked but no significant damage occurred there, he said.

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