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Wet isn't that bad

Posted: Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hello, Golfers. The liquid sunshine arrived just in time for the gratification of my brand new lawn. And since the fish are already wet, they really don't care if it rains, but it sure plays havoc with the game of golf, doesn't it? How about that monster pulled out of the river this past week — I would gladly settle for a freezer full of reds, but those big kings can sure be a lot of fun to catch.

We had the privilege of playing tour and fish guides to friends from Anchorage this weekend. There was not much in the way of fishing action, although Karen Moran did catch a rock sucking white sea squishy (no pictures but they all assure us it really did exist). Our friend Scott DeLapp continues to be luckless — perhaps he is using the wrong bait? My better half provided the salt water expertise while fishing buddy, Scot Shier, provided the fresh water guide service. No monster kings for us, but one Jack was released and there were a couple of other take downs to liven up the day. And remember, it was way too wet to be on the course.

I finally figured out why my boss, Ed Burrell, had been looking so tired this past week. It had to be from carrying the weight of the rest of his team in the Alliance Tournament. As I was one of the team members, I can attest that it went something like, "Hit the ball, drag Ethan, Steve and Shelley ... hit the ball, drag Ethan, Steve, and Shelley." We all had our moments of brilliance, but as a fellow golfer is fond of saying, even a blind (or drunk) monkey will hit a good shot if he swings the golf club enough times! At any rate, thanks for sponsoring the team, Boss Man. We managed to have fun even if most of us were not hitting the ball as well as the proverbial blind (or drunk) monkey. I think we should have started drinking earlier.

Gordon Griffin will be teaching a Women's Clinic from Aug. 6-9 from 6 to 8 p.m. daily. Back by popular demand, the fee for the clinic will be $50. Class size is limited, so be sure to be one of the first eight who sign up. From short game skills to the full swing, as well as covering basic course etiquette, this clinic provides a great opportunity for all us girls to sharpen our skills a bit. Hmm ... Don Moock will be teaching an Intermediate Clinic for the men who shoot "bogey" golf or higher. In depth instruction will include proper grip, stance, balance, alignment and posture, golf geometry and swing analysis, and bringing it all together for your best swing and the inner game. No more than 10 students will make it into this clinic, so don't miss your chance at this clinic on July 30, Aug. 1 and Aug. 3, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. each evening. The cost of this clinic is also $50. And don't forget the KGC All-Junior Tournament to be held on Tuesday, July 31, for junior golfers ages 8 to 17. Deadline for signing up for this tournament is July 28 by 6 p.m., so don't be late! For more information on this tournament or any of the clinics, please contact the pro shop at 283-7500 or stop by and talk to Gordon or Don.

General Manager's Report

I would like to thank everyone for the positive feedback I've been getting regarding the great condition of the course. We did all the right things at just the right time and when the weather conditions were right, the course really came alive. The greens are in great shape. The next time you see Bill Burtram, give him a big thank you!

As you play the course, you will notice that the right side of hole No. 2 has been cleared to the out-of-bounds stakes and the left side is also cleared more. As you approach hole No. 3, you will see that the left side beside the green has been cleared and the sand trap has been completed. You may also notice the red flag on the tree behind the No. 3 green. This tree will be removed to allow more sunlight to reach the green. As you continue on to hole No. 4, you should notice additional clearing on the left side. This process will continue for the next week or so. These changes really improve course conditions and allow more sunlight to reach the greens.

Next week will see the United Way Golf Tournament kick off. I would like to welcome everyone to that event. We are looking forward to a great tournament.

The Butch Anderson Senior Open just complete and I would like to thank everyone that participated in that event. Again, congratulations to Eldon Harvey, gross champion, and to Jesse Wade and John Glidden, net champions in their respective divisions.

See you on the course.

-Gordon Griffin

Kenai Cup action continues to heat up with the results of the matches that were held on July 18 — R&R (Dwight Kramer, sub./Randy Kornfield) narrowly pulled it out against the G-Men (Jerry Norris/Gary Katsion). Right and Wrong (Richard Martin/Joe Deveaux) squeaked by the team of Cliff Vaught/Max Pate as did the Two Duffers (Jack Evans/Bruce Gallaway) against the Toads (Todd Eskelin/Dana Bassel). Eldon and Ryan Harvey soundly defeated the team of Cliff Baker/Rachelle Brehm as did the Mulligans (Tom Reese/Greg Duggin) against The Why No's (Jack Focose/Gene Diamond). The Eagles (Noel Widmayer/Tom Allison) pulled off their match against the OFG team (Chris Sonnichsen/Tom Bennett) while the team of Pat Bowen/Greg Anderson tied with Two Hackers (Bill Davis/Tom Carver, sub.).

In the Butch Anderson Division, first place is held by R&R (Richard Edwards/Randy Kornfield), with Two hackers (Bill Davis/Barry Jackman) in second, followed by Eagles (Noel Widmayer/Tom Allison), tied for third place with the team of Pat Bowen and Greg Anderson. In the Donny Morgan Division, season standings are tightening up with a mere two points between the first and third-place teams. In first place is Right and Wrong (Richard Martin/Joe Deveaux), barely edging out the second-place team of Cliff Vaught and Max Pate by a point! The third-place team of Eldon and Ryan Harvey is trailing by only 1-1/2 points! This should get very interesting!

On Ladies Day, Thursday, July 19, closest to the pin went to Kathy Heus while Judy Salo earned low gross. Trena Richardson had the fewest putts award. The mystery hole was split between Terry Cramer and Loretta Spalding.

On Men's Night, Thursday, July 19, Max Pate, Cliff Smith and Dan Young formed the first-place team. Cliff Smith was the proud owner of a pure birdie while Jim Bradford had closest to the pin on hole No. 5 and Larry Grant captured that honor on hole No. 9.

Don't forget to sign up for the United Way Tournament coming up this Saturday. This is always a great event for a great cause, so mark your calendars. And on Sunday is the Par 3 Tournament, so be sure to stop by the pro shop and get signed up. There is lots of tournament action to enjoy in August as well.

The season is too short and time is a-wasting and I realized this weekend that it is starting to get dark, really dark at night ... and the fireweed is blooming! So get out and get golfing. See you on the front nine!

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