Gaines, Honer triumph at Red Run : 10 extra miles can't slow down women's champion at Tsalteshi Trails

Posted: Sunday, July 25, 2010

Even after running 10 miles prior to Saturday's 10th annual Everything But the Red Run at Tsalteshi Trails, Heather Gaines still had enough energy to win the women's five-kilometer race. With a time of 24 minutes, 59 seconds, Gaines came in two seconds ahead of second-place finisher Teri Ostrander and six seconds ahead of Alisa Kincaid in third.

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Photos By M. Scott Moon
Photos By M. Scott Moon
Tommy Honer crests a hill Friday night on his way to a first-place finish of the Everything But the Red Run.

"I didn't expect to win," Gaines said. "It's my first, first-place 5K. It took me 30 years."

Running beforehand took its on toll on Gaines.

"I was tired," she said. "I rarely feel like throwing up when I run, but I felt like throwing up."

Gaines said she caught Ostrander with about 1.5 miles to go.

"I hung with her most of the race," she said.

Having run for Nikiski High School, Gaines knows how difficult Tsalteshi is to race.

"It's a really tough 5K," she said. "It reminded me of being back in high school."

Knowing Beaver Loop, the toughest incline on the course, was at the end, Gaines said she saved her energy for the finish.

"If you can stay strong on the hills, that's where a lot of people struggle," she said.

Ostrander said other five-kilometer runs, like the Rotary Unity Run, are no comparison to the rolling hills of Tsalteshi. Being familiar with the course is an advantage, she said.

"I know the trail, so I know when the ugly hills are coming," Ostrander said.

Ostrander said she didn't want to push herself too much during the race.

"I wanted to run hard but I didn't want to kill myself," she said. "It was just a nice day for a run."

Skyview graduate Tommy Honer won the men's race with a time of 20:55. Alan Ryan came in second with a time of 21:26 and James Danielson finished 21 seconds behind Ryan in third.

Honer said he ran with Danielson to start the race and separated from him at the intersection of the main trail and the Red Loop.

"I was just looking over my shoulder the whole time, trying to keep the lead," he said.

Familiarity with the course doesn't make running at Tsalteshi any easier, Honer said.

"Even if you run here all the time, it's still really hard to race here," he said. "It's really just counting down the hills, 'One down, this many to go.'"

Ryan, of Hawaii, was new to the race. Having been in Alaska the last couple weeks fishing, Ryan said he ran Tsalteshi prior to the race. His first time running it last Thursday, though, was not easy.

"When I first ran it, I was gassed in the first mile," he said.

An avid runner in Hawaii, Ryan said Saturday's race was unique for him.

"We don't have any trail races," he said. "This is more up down, up down. It's hard. This is what I want at home."

Ryan said he was in fourth most of the way, then slowly picked off two runners ahead of him.

"I just saved it up for the Beaver hill," he said.

2010 Everything But The Red Run

Men's five-kilometer race

1. Tommy Honer, 20:55; 2. Alan Ryan, 21:26; 3. James Danielson, 21:47; 4. Kent Peterson, 22:22; 5. Fox Michaud, 23:52; 6. John Mahorcich, 24:09; 7. Michael Stangel, 24:18; 8. Robert Sparkes, 24:19; 9. Leif Danielson, 24:58; 10. Steve Gilles, 24:58; 11. John Hedges, 25:36; 12. Benjamin Sibley, 25:47; 13. Mike Sibley, 25:48; 14. Tim Hurley, 28:39; 15. Justice Miller, 32:13; 16. Greg Russell, 33:29; 17. Tucker Mueller, 33:41; 18. Marcus Mueller, 33:54; 19. Name not available, 39:59; 20. Stephen Hart, 40:39; 21. Daniel Johnson, 42:52; 22. Keith MacPhail, 48:35.

Women's five-kilometer race

1. Heather Gaines, 24:59; 2. Teri Ostrander, 25:01; 3. Alisa Kincaid, 25:05; 4. Sue Seggerman, 25:19; 5. Vicki Daniel, 25:40; 6. Jenny Olendorff, 27:45; 7. Charlotte Harvey, 28:05; 8. Alice Anderson, 29:37; 9. Tami Miller, 29:47; 10. Mariam Werth, 31:06; 11. Jane Fuerstenan, 33:54; 12. Mara Sweppy, 34:08; 13. Janice Habermann, 35:03; 14. Susan Pfaffe, 35:22; 15. Cassie Collins, 35:22; 16. Kaitlyn Dederick, 36:41; 17. Jeannie Blakely, 38:05; 18. Sarah King, 38:28; 19. Shawnah Landess, 38:29; 20. Jennie Russell, 39:18.

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