Time wasting in finding fish solution

Posted: Tuesday, July 26, 2005

First, I believe enough ink has been wasted on the tie guy. I would like to address a different waste — fish waste.

I've read articles from bear experts, and I agree dumping fish waste in populated areas creates problems. I believe most people, if given a proper location to dump waste, would do so. How about a landfill? Couldn't a proper container be provided? I'm sure plenty of fish waste gets dumped in with the garbage where it is not wanted.

Halibut regulations state you must bring your fish to shore unfilleted. When fish is brought to shore, there is no place provided to clean them. How do the guide boats take care of their fish waste before they go to shore? Do they have a special understanding with the Fish and Game?

Maybe if we address some solutions, a lot of the problem will go away.

David Johnsrud, Soldotna

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