Bird Homestead Golf Report

Rain helps get course in shape

Posted: Tuesday, July 26, 2005

With the much-needed rain, the course in looking better than ever. Our maintenance staff is working extremely hard, and we can't thank them enough. With the course in such good shape, people are starting to realize that it's worth the drive to enjoy this relaxing golf experience.

Beginners and golfers with children love our course because of the fact that they don't feel intimidated with a lot of golfers. They can take their time and have fun while they learn. We, at the Bird Homestead Golf Course, want you to come as our guest and return as our friend.

We still have many tournaments scheduled this season, such as our Funny River Festival 2005 Golf Tournament. This event is a blind-draw, nine-hole scramble tournament to be held Friday at 1 p.m. If there are any questions, please contact Rick Relano at 262-2834.

We also will be holding the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank Fund-Raiser Tournament on Aug. 7 at 1 p.m. This also is a scramble format. You can put a team together or we can put you on a team. To register, please contact the golf shop at 260-4653.

Last but not least, we will be holding our Bird Homestead Second Annual Fall Classic on Aug. 27 at 9 a.m. This is an 18-hole scramble tournament were you can set up your own four-person team.

The first-place team will receive a one- to three-day, two-night, 20-destination, including Mexico and Hawaii, vacation package for two for each player. There also will be food served after the tournament. Long drive and closest to the pin for both men and women also will be available. Long drive for both men and women will receive a choose-your-destination Silver State Getaway for two. If there are any questions, contact the golf shop.

Golf tips of the week

Golf swings are as individual as people.

I realize that two golfers will never swing exactly the same. Thus, I won't teach everyone to swing the same. What I will teach you is how to achieve a consistent flight pattern with your golf ball.

So much of teaching today, whether it be on television or in magazines such as Golf Digest, often fails to mention what the club does when it hits the ball and how the golf ball then reacts.

The flight of the ball will always be my NUMBER ONE concern.

Your golf ball is your best instructor. Learning to play your best golf involves understanding what your golf ball is telling you. When I'm teaching you, I won't necessarily watch you swing, but what I will watch is the flight of your ball.

When I give a lesson I follow a format:

Diagnosis — What is your ball doing in the air? Is it starting straight, right or left? Is it curving left or right? Is it flying too high or too low?

Explanation — Why is your ball starting straight, right or left? That's a swing path problem. Why is your ball curving left or right? That's a clubface problem. Why is the ball flying too high or too low? That's an angle problem.

Correction — I will correct your face, path and angle problems by way of: grip — putting hands in proper position; aim — leading edge perpendicular with loft; stance — feet, knees, hips, shoulders parallel to target line; posture — bend from hips, knees unlocked, chin up, weight on flat of feet.

So, if you're tired of quick fixes that don't last and being more confused after a lesson than before, sign up for a lesson or two with me. If you're a beginner, don't worry, you're the easiest to teach. You don't have any bad habits to fix. Sign up today and let the fun of learning begin!

For a lesson, call Brian Cupit at 260-4653.

The Bird Homestead Golf Course is located at Mile 12 on Funny River Road.

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