Collegiate runners dash to wins in Everything but Red Run

Posted: Sunday, July 26, 2009

A pair of college track athletes won the ninth annual Everything but the Red Run on Saturday at Tsalteshi Trails behind Skyview High School.

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Photo By M. Scott Moon
Photo By M. Scott Moon
Eventual winner Orion Bras leads other runners up the first hill Saturday at the Everything But the Red Run at Tsalteshi Trails behind Skyview High School.

Orion Bras, who runs the half mile for Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Wash., won the men's event while Denali Foldager, who competes in the steeplechase and the 1,500 meters for California State University Stanislaus in Turlock, Calif., took the women's run.

The run is just over five kilometers and serves as a fundraiser for the Tsalteshi Trails Association. The run attracted 68 runners despite showers and a change from its traditional Friday night time slot. Organizer Tom Seggerman said the race attracted runners from around the peninsula and from out of the state.

Bras finished in 19 minutes, 45 seconds, while runner-up Keith MacPhail of Kenai crossed the line at 21:21.

"He was gone," MacPhail said. "I didn't even see him after the first turn."

Bras said he is spending the summer in Alaska with his girlfriend, Kenai's Katie Ford. He said he is originally from Montana, so Tsalteshi's notoriously hilly layout did not faze him.

"I've run here before on the weekdays," he said. "It's a really nice place to train. I think it's great that people keep providing the money to have trails like these."

MacPhail was more ready for the hills in his second running of the race.

"I did this last year, but I was pretty new to the area when I did it," he said. "I went out pretty quick that day, so I didn't finish very strong."

This year, even as people passed him at the beginning and Bras bolted away, MacPhail stayed calm and reserved his energy for a strong finish. Stuart Briggs was third at 22:33, Fox Michaud was fourth at 22:55 and Ryan Walton was fifth at 22:56.

"Stuart and I ski the trails a lot in the winter," MacPhail said. "It was nice being more familiar with the trails during the race. I love these trails."

Foldager finished with a time of 22:25, while Marci Mohler was second at 23:55. Foldager remembers the trails well from competing there often in high school. She graduated from Seward in 2008.

"Yes and no," she said, when asked if familiarity with the trails is an asset. "I knew where every hill was. Sometimes, that's not such a good thing."

Foldager said she became enamored with track this year after finally having a long track season. She said she mostly runs on streets and golf courses without hills in California, so Tsalteshi was a bit daunting.

"I'm trying to get in as many races as possible before going back to school," she said. "I ran in Hope last weekend, and I've got races scheduled for the next three weekends. I want to practice racing and try new things before I go back down there."

Mohler, a 2005 graduate of Skyview High School, also knows the trails well. She said she started training again in February after taking about three years off from running. She is currently a teacher in Lansing, Mich.

"I hadn't been back here in three years," she said. "Running in Alaska is great training because it's so hilly."

Mohler said she had no goals coming into the race, but realized about a mile and a half into the event that she would not be able to catch Foldager. Robin Fisk finished third at 24:41, while Teri Ostrander was fourth at 24:51 and Jenny Neyman took fifth at 24:54.

Everything but the Red Run


at Tsalteshi Trails

Women's 5-kilometer results

1. Denali Foldager, 22:25; 2. Marci Mohler, 23:55; 3. Robin Fisk, 24:41; 4. Teri Ostrander, 24:51; 5. Jenny Neyman, 24:54; 6. Sarah Walton, 25:20; 7. Sue Seggerman, 25:37; 8. Gina Gregoire, 25:44; 9. Emily Kornelis, 28:05; 10. Eden MacPhail, 29:03; 11. Kelly Rabung, 29:11; 12. Charlotte Harvey, 29:12; 13. Carol Clonan, 29:13; 14. Lisa Wells, 29:13; 15. Allie Ostrander, 30:05; 16. Julie Ostrander, 30:05; 17. Taylor Ostrander, 30:06; 18. Chelsea Springer, 30:06; 19. Brodie Kimmel, 30:12; 20. Cory Lehl, 32:18; 21. Judi Klok, 32:29; 22. Sharon Miller, 32:35; 23. Alicia Anderson, 32:53; 24. Chris Morin, 32:58; 25. Terri Springer, 33:53; 26. Marian Werth, 34:24; 27. Melinda Miller, 35:05; 28. Pat Walton, 35:27; 29. Rebekah Pollard, 35:52; 30. Diya McKee, 35:53; 31. Maria Sweppy, 36:14; 32. Lauren Fraser, 36:49; 33. Billie Jean Williams, 37:16; 34. Pamela Russell, 37:29; 35. Patti Berkhahn, 37:37; 36. Kellie Massa, 38:29; 37. Connie Wheat, 39:22; 38. Judy Demers, 44:46; 39. Lauren Rybolt, 48:01; 40. Jani Pepe, 50:09; Maria Santa Lucia, 50:08.

Men's five-kilometer results

1. Orion Bras, 19:45; 2. Keith MacPhail, 21:21; 3. Stuart Briggs, 22:33; 4. Fox Michaud, 22:55; 5. Ryan Walton, 22:56; 6. Paul Ostrander, 23:38; 7. Ben LaVigeur, 23:41; 8. Marc Johnson, 23:45; 9. Michael Stangel, 24:06; 10. Nathan Stangel, 25:03; 11. Damian Andersen, 25:24; 12. John Hamilton, 25:35; 13. John Hedges, 26:20; 14. Donald Fanning, 27:16; 15. Hunter Lott, 28:49; 16. John Clonan, 29:39; 17. Christopher Bowen, 30:40; 18. Jeremy Selfridge, 30:42; 19. Craig Lott, 30:54; 20. Matt Walton, 31:27; 21. Paul Morin, 32:36; 22. Josh Simons, 38:11; 23. Daniel Johnson, 41:49; 24. Stephen Hart, 43:14; 25. Walter Moore, 25:02; 26. Alanka Goris, 29:39; 27. Greg Russell, 38:11.

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