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Posted: Thursday, July 27, 2000

For those picking up the Summer 2000 edition of Cosmopolitan: Quick, turn to page 71.

Corey Green of Nikiski, sporting a Dolce and Gabbana suit, is featured in the "all about men" issue of the magazine. The profile gives his occupation, birthday, star sign, reasons why women would love him and what he is looking for in a woman.

Green was chosen by Cosmopolitan from a World Wide Web site designed especially by Alaska Men magazine for Cosmopolitan to choose an Alaska man. Green will be in an upcoming issue of Alaska Men, a self-help matchmaking bimonthly magazine.

Green was nominated by a parent of one of the students at Green's Karate, which he owns and instructs at in Soldotna. The parent nominated him in the category of a modern-day hero.

A spokesperson from Cosmopolitan said Green was chosen to be in the special issue mainly for his diverse interests and passion for teaching karate.

Since being chosen, Green has experienced many new things and said he enjoyed every minute of it.

He flew to Los Angeles in May for an interview with the magazine and a photo shoot. The image in the magazine was taken during that trip, which was donated by area businesses.

To celebrate the issue, Cosmopolitan invited the men to New York for Cosmopolitan Bachelor's Day 2000 on June 13.

The men were expected to pay their own way. However, Green's parents, Randy and Rebecca Bishop, handled the expense for him.

When Green arrived in the Big Apple, he and the other bachelors met with representatives from Cosmopolitan. They received musical instrument toys from FAO Schwartz, then were taken to the area where the "Today" show is filmed on NBC. The men were told to give the toys to the band Goo Goo Dolls, who played on the show.

Also, at the set of the "Today" show, VH1, a music video television station, was on site taping spots for its "Save the Music" program and interviewed Green on his thoughts about why music programs in schools need to be saved.

The bachelors also visited Planet Hollywood, a restaurant owned by movie stars, where women lined up at the door off the streets of Manhattan to be spoon-fed ice cream by the bachelors, who also signed autographs.

"I felt weird doing that," Green said, referring to the autograph session.

He said he felt like he was being treated like a celebrity during his first visit to New York.

I didn't feel that I deserved the opportunity that I was given. It should have been given to someone else. But I had the time of my life.

--Corey Green

He also was followed around all day by "Entertainment Tonight," an entertainment television show, and later partied at the pool on the roof of the hotel of which he was staying.

"(The trip) was overwhelming," Green said. "It was a total treat."

Despite the star treatment, he has not let the trip go to his head.

"I didn't feel that I deserved the opportunity that I was given. It should have been given to someone else" he said. "But I had the time of my life."

He and the other bachelors also had the opportunity to attend a movie preview of "Boys and Girls," starring Freddie Prinze Jr., who also graces the cover of the "All about men" issue.

When entering the preview, the men were allowed to walk on the red carpet, usually designated for actors and actresses -- another reason Green said he felt like a celebrity.

Green said the men took time during their day together to get to know one another. They also made plans to keep in touch.


Green poses with Drew Davis, a bachelor from Nevada, in New York at the "Today" show.

"Every guy had a great personality," he said.

Green devoted the next day to himself, taking advantage of what the big city had to offer. He visited a talent agency and landed a role in the movie, "Never Again." He said he was glad to be a part of the action, even though it was a silent role. He waited nine hours and received no payment.

"I knew it would never happen again," Green said.

Although the magazine spelled Soldotna incorrectly in his address, Green said he has received more than 50 letters from women in the United States.

Even with his busy schedule, Green plans to hand write a response to each one.

"I believe it shows that I took the time to be courteous and to show that I cared," he said.

Green said even if he were to find that special someone in another state, he prefers to stay on the Kenai Peninsula -- not just for his business, but for his students.

"I care about the kids here," he said.

But no matter what happens, he said his experiences have not been for the sole purpose of finding a mate; he simply has had a lot of fun.

"(Romance) is going to happen when it is going to happen," he said.

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