McGahan sweeps sprint races

Posted: Sunday, July 27, 2003

Usually, a night of sprint car racing at Twin Cities Raceway involves countless of adjustments to try and tweak the car to the nuances of the three-eighths-of-a-mile dirt track.

That what made Friday night's Kenai Peninsula Racing Lions-Circle Track Division race so odd for Kenai's Jackie McGahan and his Tesoro sprint car.

"I hit a setup right from the beginning tonight," McGahan said. "I stayed with it all night. I didn't have to adjust it at all."

That oddity resulted in another oddity for McGahan a sweep of the Trophy Dash, Heat I, Heat II and the Main Event. McGahan said he could not remember the last time he had swept all four.

The sweep bodes well for McGahan with the biggest race of the year at Twin Cities coming up on Aug. 22. Sprint cars from around the state are expected for the Morrie Wilkins Memorial Sprint Car Race. The Main Event that night will be held under some lights brought in by R & K Industrial Inc.

"This is the best I've run all year, but I'm not sure how much that affects the big race coming up," McGahan said. "Track conditions will probably be different that night."

In the Main Event, McGahan started in the third position behind his son, Cameron, and Kenai's Randy Barnes.

Barnes spun out on Turn 3 of the third lap, and Cameron spun out on Turn 1 after the restart when his torsion stop broke, leaving him without rear suspension and driving the rear of his car's frame into the ground.

Jackie started in front on the next restart and was not challenged for the rest of the race's 15 laps. He even managed to lap Pete Ischi, who was driving a sprint car for the first time.

Ischi, who owns Dairy Queen in Soldotna, is a sponsor for driver Frank Soares. Soares couldn't race Friday, so he called up Ischi about 7 p.m. and invited him to drive the car.

"I was so excited I made it there by 7:15," Ischi said.


Jim Gladish leads Terry McGahan on his way to victory in the Trophy Dash Friday night at Twin Cities Raceway.

Photo by M. Scott Moon

Ischi said his goal for the evening was to get lapped as few times as possible. Jackie McGahan was impressed at how quickly Ischi learned. McGahan was surprised to only have to lap Ischi once during the 15-lap Main Event.

While McGahan dominated the sprint car racing, the B-Stock Division featured a night of tight racing between Terry McGahan and Jim Gladish.

"The pit boss said we were like two bulls in a china shop," Gladish said.

Gladish and his Northwest Cutters car edged McGahan in the Trophy Dash and Heat I, but McGahan, who was driving for his father, Richard, came back to take Heat II.

In the Main Event, McGahan led after the first lap while Gladish was in last place in a field of seven cars. By the 10th lap, when Tony Jackson spun out on Turn 4, Gladish had worked his way up to third, while McGahan was in second behind Late Model driver Mike Young.

On the 11th lap, Gladish passed McGahan on the back straightaway to take over second place. On the 12th lap, Gladish passed Young on Turn 4 to take over the lead. He looked to be in good shape for the victory until Young compressed the field by bringing out the yellow flag with a Turn 4 spinout.

When the field restarted for the 14th lap, McGahan passed Gladish on the back straightaway and held on for the victory.

"He just got the jump on me," Gladish said. "He's a great driver. I'll look forward to racing him more."

The Racing Lions Motocross Division also had a city race Friday at Twin Cities Raceway.

Kenai Peninsula Racing Lions-Circle Track Division

at Twin Cities Raceway



Trophy Dash (5 laps): 1. Josh Fell.

Heat I (10 laps): 1. Josh Fell.

Heat II (10 laps): 1. Josh Fell.

Main Event (15 laps): Josh Fell.


Trophy Dash (5 laps): 1. Jim Gladish; 2. Terry McGahan; 3. William Broussard; 4. Debbie Yancy; 5. Tony Jackson.

Heat I (10 laps): 1. Jim Gladish; 2. Terry McGahan; 3. Tony Jackson; 4. William Broussard; 5. Debbie Yancy.

Heat II (10 laps): 1. Terry McGahan; 2. Jim Gladish; 3. William Broussard; 4. Tony Jackson.

Main Event (15 laps): 1. Terry McGahan; 2. Jim Gladish; 3. Tony Jackson; 4. Debbie Yancy; 5. William Broussard.


Trophy Dash (5 laps): 1. Mike Young.

Heat I (10 laps): 1. Mike Young.

Heat II (10 laps): 1. Mike Young.

Main Event (15 laps): 1. Mike Young.


Trophy Dash (5 laps): 1. Jackie McGahan; 2. Cameron McGahan; 3. Randy Barnes.

Heat I (10 laps): 1. Jackie McGahan; 2. Randy Barnes; 3. Cameron McGahan.

Heat II (10 laps): 1. Jackie McGahan; 2. Randy Barnes; 3. Cameron McGahan; 4. Pete Ischi.

Main Event (15 laps): 1. Jackie McGahan; 2. Randy Barnes; 3. Pete Ischi.

Kenai Peninsula Racing Lions-Motocross Division

at Twin Cities Raceway


250 cc novice 1. Paul Rice.

125 cc novice 1. Shane Ashley; 2. James Anderson; 3. Cortni Brown; 4. Wes Catlin; 5. Justin Weaver; 6. Katie Jones; 7. Floyd Lindbloom; 8. Shane Arno.

125 cc intermediate 1. Zack Aragon; 2. Sarah Herrin.

125 cc expert 1. Rickey Bailey; 2. Aaron Loyer; 3. Cory Davis; 4. Jesse Kelly.

Mini-mini Quads 1. Candace Britton.

Mini Quads 1. Trask Shamburg.

Quad intermediate 1. Steve Ashley; 2. William Hankins; 3. Rick Bailey.

Quad novice 1. Tyler Shamburg; 2. Robbie Anderson.

50 cc 1. Bruce Hudson; 2. Austin Hibbert; 3. Lucas Casebeer; 4. John Engen; 5. Dezerae Castens.

60 cc 1. Cody Woodworth; 2. Max Stasek; 3. Craig Hilleary; 4. Bruce Hudson.

Veterans 1. Lane Geisler; 2. Mike Arno; 3. Mike Kelly; 4. Jim Culp; 5. Dean Ravin.

80 cc novice 1. Jeff Vincent; 2. Jed Brown; 3. Mitchel Moomey; 4. Dan Ravin; 5. Taylor Hibbert; 6. Travis Hamilton; 7. Troy Lemay.

80 cc intermediate 1. Cody Woodworth.

80 cc expert 1. Joel Brewer.

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