Of guts and whiskey logic

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, July 27, 2007

First of all congrats to the grizzled elder of Sterling on 20 yeas of columns. While Les Palmer sometimes opined and inflamed; he always informed. I was not always a fan, but still the faithful reader.

Let's take a look at the Kenai River. More speed, more guides, more pollution, more noise, more traffic: more everything. Applying the whisky logic of "some is good, so more is better," does not transfer well to resource management.

Something I like almost as much as fish would be words. Guts can be defined as the inner workings and there is trouble with the inner workings of the Kenai River. Guts are the offal or parts of the fish returned to the nitrogen cycle.

Dipnet guts line both banks of the lower Kenai River in July. Halibut guts bloom on the marine beaches of Deep Creek. Russian River guts are identified by making three cuts.

Most importantly guts are associated with a display of courage. Recent policies of the Kenai River have been blatantly gutless.

Finally, an intuitive feeling or hunch, but something in my gut tells me the new 50hp decision will be something in the future that will make the river and policymakers and river users collective cowardly guts ache. To the so-called stewards and policymakers remember "no guts, no glory."

John McCombs


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