United States allowing export of high-tech jobs

Posted: Monday, July 28, 2003

Those who have not wanted to help the textile industry battle cheap foreign imports have often said that high-tech jobs can replace less skilled manufacturing jobs. Now it seems as if even the high-tech jobs are being exported.

About 27,000 technology jobs have moved from this country, and the trend is growing. American firms have been moving data entry, telemarketing and technical support jobs to countries like India and the Philippines for years. But now they are exporting highly skilled jobs like computer programming and design work to other nations.

Companies like Motorola, Dell, Intel and Microsoft have developed research and design centers in Russia and India.


Because a computer programmer in India earns about $20 per hour in wages and benefits. That's $45 per hour less than a computer programmer in this country. And India turns out 350,000 engineers per year. ...

If the United States gives up its manufacturing base and loses the edge in technology as it exports this business overseas, what will we have left? ...

America should take a longer term view of trade issues and do more to protect the jobs in this nation.

Herald-Journal, Spartanburg, S.C.

July 15

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