Christian values will play significant role in election

Posted: Wednesday, July 28, 2004

According to recent polls by the Barna and Pew companies, there will be a strong Christian influence in the upcoming elections. These polls show that 80 percent of reborn Christian voters are planning on voting Republican in the elections because of party platforms, especially on social issues. Reborn believers indwelled by the Holy Spirit are saved by God's grace through faith, by having a true and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, by accepting him as their Lord and Savior and by confessing and repenting their sins.

In the Bible, God severely judged the Jews for accepting Baalism, where the people killed (aborted) their babies for personal gain. At Caesarea Phillip, Jesus told his disciples, while looking at a Baal site, that his church of believers would replace these evil practices that were connected to the "gates of hell."

Tony Knowles supports federally-paid abortions, while both GOP candidates are against it, while both also oppose partial-birth abortions, with Lisa Murkowski cosponsoring the legislation. Tony Knowles also will support only liberal pro-abortion judges to be appointed to the judiciary.

In the Book of Genesis, God ordained marriage as a union between a man and woman. The whole Bible is clear about treating homosexuality as a sinful lifestyle that must be repented. The GOP candidates want the people to vote on a Constitutional Amendment to the Defense of Marriage Act, while Tony Knowles doesn't support this and wants judges to have the final say.

The Bible is quite clear about how we should treat children. So how did Tony Knowles treat children? He was investigated as governor by the U.S. Justice Department for gross mismanagement in his health and social services department. The probe resulted in changes in how children were treated in foster care programs and how the department was administered.

Like the "Good Samaritan" story in the Bible, God puts people and situations in our path to test our faith. As a Christian, how will you react to the above issues? Failure to vote is one way to fail the test. Another way is to make a choice contrary to God's will.

Donald Szepanski, Soldotna

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