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Kenai Golf Report

Posted: Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The entire golf course has been fertilized and with the great rains the fairways will soon green-up once again. The grounds crew took advantage of the recent rain by getting out in it and getting wet along with the fairways. It is great to see the crew out on the course working hard to get the course in shape.

OK! Now the rain can move up to the Fairbanks area to help them out with the fires. We have had enough rain for a while. So, whoever started the rain can call it off and thank you very much! At least golf shoes are waterproof these days, so playing in the rain isn't so bad.

KGA July Event

The Kenai Golf Association had their second 18-hole event of the season. There will be another KGA event on Sept. 19. The participation was very good as 42 golfers showed up to play. The Kenai Golf Association is giving back to the members by not charging the usual event fee. Golfers are responsible for their own greens fees. The format is individual stroke play.

There was a tie for low gross at 78. Billy Applewhite and Chris Sonnichsen played off and Billy Applewhite won the sudden-death playoff.

The recent KGA event results: In the first flight the net winner was Chris Sonnichsen; second-place net was Gary Katsion and fifth-place net was Billy Applewhite.

In the second flight the first-place winner was Rachelle Brehm, second place was Pam Martinez and fifth place was Keith Stuart.

Closest to the pins on the par threes were: No. 14 Beau Forrest, No. 10 Cliff Baker, No. 9 Gordon Griffin and since nobody landed on No. 5 they had a drawing for it. The winner in the drawing was lucky Rich Edwards.

Skin winners were Ken Liedes, Jessie Wade, Chris Sonnichsen, Felix Martinez, Jim Bradford and Rich Edwards.

Mixed Doubles

The mixed doubles event takes off each Monday evening with tee times starting at 6:20 p.m. All golfers, no matter what their skill level, are welcome to play in the strictly for fun event.

This week the winners on the mystery hole were the Don and Jan Erwin team. The winners of the putting award were the Greg and Becky Horton team.

Kenai Cup

The winners this week in the weekly Kenai Cup matches were the Rich Edwards-Randy Kornfield team, the Cliff Smith-Cliff Baker team, the Eldon Harvey-Ryan Harvey team, the Gary Katsion-Jerry Norris team, the Doug Jung-Dustin Jung team, the Felix Martinez-Pam Martinez team and the Tom Allison-Noel Widmayer team.

There were two matches that ended in a draw. The teams with a draw were the Billy Applewhite-Bill Burtram team that tied with the Tim Green-Dana Bassel team. The other teams with a tie were the Keith Stuart-Todd Eskelin team that tied with the Tom Reese-Greg Duggin team.

United Way Tournament

This Saturday the United Way tournament will take place with a starting time of 8 a.m. It should be a great tourney with lots of birdies, pars and an occasional bogey. There will be food, fun and lots of laughs and prizes.

Kenai Golf Course Am Match Play

There will be a Kenai Amateur Match Play Tournament on Saturday and Sunday. All golfers are guaranteed 36 holes of play. There will be two lunches provided for the event. Golfers must have a current handicap or play scratch.

There will be a gross division from the white tees, a net division from the gold tees and a ladies division from the red tees.

Sign up by Thursday to make the deadline. Fee is $80 for two days of play and fun!

Florida Golfer

Since yours truly put the Kenai Golf Course Web site together a couple years ago, yours truly receives inquiries about the course from all over the United States and farther. Mostly, the inquiries are about playing golf in Alaska. What time does the course close? Do you have rental clubs, what are the fees, etc.

A while back Michael Ferrier of Florida e-mailed and asked about the course and informed me he would be playing the Kenai Golf Course and it would complete his playing a course in all 50 states. He really enjoyed his round and shot an 82, which is a great score for playing KGC for the first time. It is even a great score for playing KGC for the 10th time. It is a great score for playing KGC anytime!

Recently, Michael arrived in Ninilchik to fish with some friends. When his friends went fishing, Michael headed to Kenai to play at Kenai Golf Course. I wonder how many golfers have arrived at such a goal of playing in all states? Congratulations to Michael for a goal reached. Also, wonder how long it took him to reach his goal?

A Birdie Told Me

While playing over the weekend in the KGA event on Sunday, Cliff Heus eagled No. 8 from across the Morgan Creek. It was a great shot and thrilled Cliff and others in the foursome.

What about Kristine Holdridge, who recently took up playing golf? Seems she has the bug pretty bad and can't stay away from the golf course. It is fun to see her enthusiasm and zest for the game. She recently played in the Alliance Tournament and plans to play in the Chrysler Open. Way to go, Kristine!

Closing Thoughts

Thank you, Jeff and Will, for being so patient about extending the deadline for this article. I do thank you for allowing me to get it in so late so many times. I promise an attempt will be made to get the article in earlier. However, I really can't guarantee it. Golfing gets in the way! Yours truly could use longer days and maybe those responsible for the recent and welcome rain could also do something about longer days.

See you in the clubhouse.

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