Kenai Peninsula's heroes will be missed

Posted: Thursday, July 28, 2005

What a week the week of July 16 turned out to be. Many folks are struggling and grieving with so much loss.

The week began with the untimely death of Don Gilman, a man who worked hard for and cared deeply about our communities and families. Following the passing of Mr. Gilman, we suffered another loss with Judge Charles Cranston, a soul who gave so much to us all through his caring and work in our communities. We then ended the week with the loss of Drew Scalzi, his cancer battle over. What an incredible man who cared so deeply and did so much in his short years. I will always remember Drew as a man who tried to do what was right, no matter what the cost to him personally but because he believed it was right for the greater good.

As I reflect on these three individuals who were statesmen, in a time when we have so few, I realize what an incredible loss our communities and our state have suffered in one short week. Each man's compassion, caring and leadership will be sorely missed.

My hope, as I think their hope would be, is to see more individuals take a statesmen role for the good of our communities, state and country.

I honor the paths these men followed to be kind, thoughtful leaders who did make a difference. Heroes are so hard to find.

Deb Germano, Homer

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