Paul Moses of SBSRetiring?

Posted: Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Five hundred some long time friends of Paul Moses turned out under rainy skies Sunday to show their appreciation for his forty some years of friendship and service to the local community. Spenard Builders Supply (SBS) branch manager Jeff Warton rather than presenting Paul with a gold watch, presented him with a hand crafted sign that read "Paul Moses for Governor!" "I thought he would need something to do with this time once he retired," said Warton. Some folks laughed taking the intended joke, but others could be heard saying, "You know he'd make a great governor," and "I can't think of anyone I'd trust more to lead the State, maybe we should make this the official launching of his campaign for real." During an interview the former Soldotna City Councilman made a few tongue in cheek remarks like, "I plan to run on the Fence Rider ticket, that's the Democrats & Republicans so how can I lose with a platform like that? And if elected I won't necessarily finish my term because when your work is done here your work is done here," said the SBS Prophet. That's a nickname he picked up at the annual spring Builders Show when he would analyze the attendance and participation factors at the show and divide by his original fireweed coefficient formula to predict the coming summer economy for the Peninsula, and his more than 30 years of predictions have never been wrong, "There's no question that its been an avenue that's driven everyone to success in this area, and we all have to do our part to keep the economy going," laughed Moses, adding that even though he is retiring from SBS at the end of July he'll continue to make his annual predictions at the Builders Show.

Saying that he's never found anywhere he likes better than right here, Moses and his family plan to stay in the community and regarding other plans for retirement Moses said, "I'm not going to go to work that day, and a day at a time is all any of us get." Paul came to Alaska in 1965 and says his favorite memories evolve around his wife, family, friends and relatives. His co-workers agreed that to say he will be missed at work would be an understatement. "We didn't need the internet to find out what was available, the best tools, or materials to put something together, we'd just ask Paul. And if you couldn't figure out the instructions you'd just call Paul. Want to help a kid, call Paul, want to discuss politics from a logical point of view, talk to Paul. We've all been fortunate to have him in this community and it's a good thing when someone who literally helped to build it will also be retiring right here," commented a long time customer.

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