Research facts before jumping to conclusions

Posted: Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In response to the column penned by Matthew Carroll on chivalry (Clarion, July 19), I would like remind him that researching the facts before jumping is usually best.

There may have been some young men who could have given up their cart, however, the "older woman" who asked about a cart, also knows that in all tournaments, carts are limited and people are encouraged to sign up early for one.

My wife spoke with her and she clearly stated it was her own fault she did not have her own cart. She thought her teammate had reserved one for her and had not called ahead to check. She holds no one to blame for this oversight. She plays a couple of the larger tournaments at BHGC and usually brings her own cart to these events. She received a cart on the start of the 12th hole and was happy that someone shared with her. She seemed to hold her own, as she and her teammates came in second place.

As far as the club found on the driving range, I do not believe anyone meant to roll over the request for the cart. The club belonged to me, and I was thankful someone returned it.

Mr. Carroll and team were able to play free golf, so I believe it is bad taste to downgrade the sponsorship of this tournament, and the golf course for something that was truly an oversight.

Summers are short here and everyone tries to enjoy the things they love to do before the snow puts a stop to it. Too bad people want to have such a negative attitude toward others. We just need to enjoy what we have and quit trying to find fault in others.

Allen Dettmer


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