Confidence in Wall Street hijacked by corporate crooks

Posted: Monday, July 29, 2002

Congress and President Bush need to act. They need to act aggressively and do it swiftly.

In unison, they need to show the world that by investing in U.S. stocks people are not buying into a rigged game.

A House-Senate conference committee is wrangling over how tough to make an accounting reform and investor protection bill. The Senate version has more teeth but the bill could be tougher by half.

Americans have lost confidence in the markets and, some, their shirts. Shysters and crooks masquerading as corporate decision makers have highjacked the confidence in the stock markets once held by U.S. and foreign investors. ...

Congress needs a bill that puts the fear of God, not to mention fear of regulators and investors into CEOs. ...

Bush has said he will sign any reform bill that Congress puts before him. That's good, but what will Bush do to contribute to the spirit of reform? He needs to do something and do it quick.

-- Minot (N.D.) Daily News

July 24

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