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Honer, Habermann win Red Run at Tsalteshi

Posted: Sunday, July 29, 2007

With summer still in full swing, there's not too many kids on the Kenai Peninsula wanting to think about school yet. Skyview High School senior Tommy Honer showed on Friday at Tsalteshi Trails that he's ready for at least one aspect of school to start — cross country running.

With cross country practices for the schools set to start on Monday, Honer won the Everything but the Red Run, finishing hilly, winding 5.37-kilometer course in 19 minutes, 58 seconds. Levi Sutton, a 2007 graduate of Kenai Central who will run for the University of Alaska Anchorage this year, finished second at 20:55, while Skyview cross country coach Kent Peterson was third at 21:11.

Elisabeth Habermann, who skied for Skyview High School and now skies at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, won the women's race in 23:12. Skyview junior Marquee Lucas was second at 26:19, while Jenny Neyman finished third at 27:05.

Honer said he has worked running at Tsalteshi Trails into his training for the upcoming cross country season so he was ready for Friday's race.

"Definitely, the hills make this race really hard," Honer said. "All the people who do this race are tough. It's not an easy course."

Sutton took the early lead, but Honer paced himself and waited for the hills to take their toll.

"I figured he went out a little fast," Honer said of Sutton. "I tucked in behind him and waited for him to slow down."

Honer's strategy is usually a good one at Tsalteshi Trails, but it was made all the better by an error in prerace diet by Sutton. Sutton was planning on doing the race, but forgot about the race until a few hours before the start. By that time, Sutton had already had a 20-ounce milkshake. He paid for that diet choice shortly into the race when his side began to ache.

"I was wondering what he was doing back there," Sutton said of Honer. "I thought maybe he would just stay back the whole time, but when he got by me, I knew I was in trouble.

"He should be a fun one to watch this year in high school."

There was no lead change in the women's race, as Habermann dominated the entire time.

"We've known her family for some time," Lucas said of Habermann. "When I saw her here, I said, 'Oh crud.' She's a really talented runner and I knew it would be hard to keep up with her."

Habermann, who is a junior in school at UAF but a sophomore in skiing, said skiing is her main focus and that running is more of a training activity.

"I've done this race before and it's always a good time," Habermann said.

Race organizer Tom Seggerman finished eighth in the men's race and also brought the first dog across the line. Seggerman said the race is very informal, with only a $5 entry fee and no T-shirt or awards. Seggerman said the race kicks off Progress Days and is done to promote awareness of Tsalteshi Trails. The race had 47 entrants, which is down a little bit, but close to what the race normally draws.

"I've always said that if we ever get over 100, we'll get T-shirts," said Seggerman, who also is a board member of the Tsalteshi Trails Association. "This is just an event that lets people know the trails are not just for skiing. They're also for running, hiking and biking. We usually get a few more members from this event."

Everything but the Red Run

Friday at Tsalteshi Trails

5.25 kilometers


1. Elisabeth Habermann, 23 minutes, 12 seconds; 2. Marquee Lucas, 26:19; 3. Jenny Neyman, 27:05; 4. Charlotte Harvey, 28:42; 5. Jenny Olendorff, 29:08; 6. Amber Wheat, 31:18; 7. Katie Bowers, 32:15; 8. Heather Huff, 33:23; 9. Janice Habermann, 33:55; 10. Barb Belluomini, 34:30; 11. Amy McVee, 34:54; 12. Maria Sweppy, 36:25; 13. Connie Wheat, 37:10; 14. Susan Pfaffe, 37:46; 15. Pamela Russell, 39:36; 16. Judy Klok, 40:50; 17. Gail Moore, 40:51; 18. Sarah Quamme, 42:50; 19. Mary Rhyner, 52:17; 20. Peg Beilfuss, 52:18; 21. Kelli Stroh, 52:25; 22. Lisa Schmitter, 52:26; 23. Debbie Hill, 1:00:04; 24. Marita Parks, 1:00:08; 25. Mary Green, 1:00:09; 26. Susan Slemp, 1:00:10; 27. Angela Douthit, 1:00:11; 28. Terri Birchfield, 1:00:12.


1. Tommy Honer, 19:58; 2. Levi Sutton, 20:55; 3. Kent Peterson, 21:11; 4. Lucas Thein, 22:06; 5. Marc Johnson, 22:21; 6. Christopher Ashland, 22:22; 7. Yuzhun Evanoff, 24:23; 8. Thomas Seggerman, 24:48; 9. Brayden Holt, 25:19; 10. Allan Miller, 25:20; 11. Michael Stangel, 26:10; 12. John Hedges, 26:36; 13. Andrew Breitbeil, 27:37; 14. John Spielman, 27:45; 15. Garren Lucas, 29:39; 16. Mike Frost, 29:40; 17. Paul Knight, 33:38; 18. Thomas Rhyner, 52:18; 19. Michael Hill, 1:00:03.

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