Jeff Webster prosecuted for wrong reason: to advance political agenda

Posted: Wednesday, July 30, 2003

At Mr. Jeff Webster's sentencing hearing Monday, we saw a tragic truth about why Mr. Webster was so aggressively prosecuted. During sentencing arguments, his defense attorney Wayne Ross recounted for the court a story that his son had related to him while recently stationed in Iraq as a United States Marine. It seems that while in Iraq young Mr. Ross had not one, but two artillery shells land about 70 feet from him on two different occasions.

Fortunately, both were duds and failed to explode. Seeing the opportunity to strike, prosecuting attorney June Stein stated in her rebuttal that the protesters experienced the same kind of fear when water was thrown at them as Wayne Ross' son had felt when those artillery shells fell to the ground near his position.

The prosecuting attorney has clearly revealed that her sympathies toward the "victims" of Mr. Webster's crime were not the natural result of prosecuting a wrong, but were instead for the advancement and defense of the protesters' political agenda.

June Stein dares to belittle the sacrifices made by our young men and women serving in harm's way by equating artillery shells with buckets of water. What a shame. I'm sure that all of our soldiers would prefer buckets of water any day.

Doug Ruzicka

Anchor Point

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