Mom saved by 9-year-old

Posted: Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Xavier Allmon of Soldotna likes the same activities as many 9-year-olds -- riding his scooter, playing video games and going to football practice.

He also likes knowing that he helped save his mother's life.

Xavier, or "Zay," was at home with his mother, Diana Allmon, July 23. She told Zay she was not feeling well, then went into convulsions.

Zay called 911. He followed the operator's instructions to tilt his mother's head back so she could breathe. He counted the minutes until the ambulance arrived.

Thanks to Zay's immediate response, the paramedics were able to save his mother. Unfortunately, the condition which caused the seizure is still an issue.

Diana has a brain tumor about the size of an apple. It was discovered in May when she woke up suddenly blind. Since that time, Diana has been unable to see.

The operation that Diana requires is called a craniotomy. Because of the location of the tumor, her brain will have to be lifted partially from her skull to remove the growth.

The family flew to the Minneapolis Mayo Clinic with assistance from Amvets. However, the Allmons did not have insurance to cover the $50,000 surgery.

The surgeon at the clinic gave Diana a 50-50 chance of regaining some of her sight after the surgery.

Doctors still don't know if the tumor is benign or malignant. Its position makes it impossible to do a biopsy.

Diana was in a coma from the time of her seizure through Wednesday. Soldotna Dr. Nels Anderson has been working with the family to find a hospital and doctor that will perform the risky procedure.

Zay is continuing with his day-to-day activities as much as possible. He started attending football practice and is looking forward to finding out who his fourth-grade teacher will be.

His mom's health remains a concern for him.

"It's been scary," he said.

As for Zay's quick thinking, his father, Dave Allmon, is proud of him. "He handled it just as good as any adult would," Dave said. "He's my hero."

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